road trip playlist

hearing “cough syrup” by young the giant is making me start to think of making a road trip playlist.  i think this would fit well into the playlist.  watching miles of road go by, yeah.  what are some other good road trip songs?  here is a rough list that i have in my initial google search.  these are songs actually about being on the road and traveling.  road trip songs don’t necessarily have to be about road trips.  good sing-a-long songs would be good, i think.

“every day is a winding road” sheryl crow (kinda cheesy), “going mobile” the who, “drive my car” the beatles, “road trippin” by the red hot chili peppers, “cars” gary newman, “ramble on” led zeppelin, “rocking’ down the highway” the doobie brothers, “rollin’ with my homies” coolio (makes me think of clueless), “on the road again” willie nelson, “get your kicks on route 66” nat king cole, “ventura highway” america, “born to be wild” steppenwolf, “running on empty” jackson browne, “low rider” war (yessss), “highway to hell” ac/dc, “hit the road jack” ray charles, “i’ve been everywhere” johnny cash, “free bird” lynyrd skynyrd, “life is a highway” rascal flats, “ramblin’ man” the all man bros., “i get around” the beach boys, “roam” the b-52’s, “born to run” bruce springsteen, “come on and take a free ride” edgar winter group, “trucking'” the grateful dead, “heading out on the highway” judas priest, “one headlight” the wallflowers, “running’ down a dream” tom petty and the what i think is the most important and highly necessary, “holiday road” lindsay buckingham (you can’t beat vacation’s theme song).

when i win the lottery tonight, i’ll be able to purchase all of these on itunes without thinking twice.

gimme some other ideas


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3 Responses to road trip playlist

  1. rjizel says:

    What about “move bitoch, get out of the way” by ludacris


    Silent gangsta

  2. charlie daniels band’s the devil went to Georgia

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