day 1: and away we go!

la, ca-holbrook, az 6.1.12

good first day. actually, great first day. left the house at 4:15a. bogey did not sleep as we had planned, but he just sat and watched the lights and cars.

our first stop was baker, ca. a bit underwhelming. the alien jerky store was closed, but we got some pictures with the aliens and ufos outside. didn’t even bother taking a picture of the stupid world’s largest thermometer. talk about the world’s largest disappointment. its just a big concrete eyesore that someone made into a digital readout. it doesn’t have mercury or anything. lame. then we ate at denny’s. ryan wasn’t too into eating at bun boy.
we took the 15N thru the mojave national preserve which was really cool. desert with these really cool cactus trees. we passed into nevada on that road.
got gas in searchlight, nv. there were some funny little casinos. we got gas at this chevron-mcdonalds-terribles casino combo.

grant started doing some art in the car. color wonder markers and then the finger paints. some sea life stamps, too.

he was watching bubble guppies as we passed into az. after bubbles, it was chuck the truck and then toy story 2.

we made a stop in seligman, az on the historic route 66. we got gas and checked out the route 66 general store and curios and then had some photo ops at the road kill cafe. grant got his first rock for his road trip collection behind the general store.
we then made our way to slide rock state park near sedona. it was a really beautiful drive thru coconino national park. a long winding road with towering red rock cliffs and forests of trees. we stopped at a little turnout to take pictures and grant collected his second rock.
ok, slide rock is one of the coolest places ever. it’s a natural water slide surrounded by the red rocks. the water was cold, but it was so hot out that it felt good. grant was loving it. there’s lots of little wading areas that he could be in, but the rocks were so slippery that he would just lay on his tummy. ryan took two passes on the slide and I did one. It was pretty awesome. we had lunch at the picnic tables as our suits dried off almost instantaneously in the sun.
we drove about 6 miles south on the az 89a to the town of sedona. how freakin’ cute is that place? we got some ice cream at the black cow cafe and just enjoyed the scenery.
we did a longer stretch of driving with only one stop for gas. there wasn’t much around (especially a good signal on my phone). grant watched cars. as we got closer to holbrook we started seeing some indian trading posts, but i think we were all stopped out for the day.
we made it to the wigwam motel at about 5:30. almost 2 hours ahead of schedule! the wigwam is awesome. It is what the cozy cone in the movie cars is inspired by. grant made a friend in the wigwam next door. she was about 9 or 10 and she had stayed here once before, so she showed grant around and picked up rocks with him. grant was having a good old time. he went to bed with no fussing, too. ryan and I sat outside our wigwam for awhile. It was so nice out. and we don’t have to get on the road too early. nighty night from our cozy cone 🙂



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  1. such an awesome trip you are having. Love the bedspreads!

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