day 2: bye bye wigwam, hello boysens

holbrook, az-rio rancho, nm 6.2.12

we left the wigwam at about 7:30a and made our way to the petrified forest and painted desert.  it’s about 28 miles of driving within the park with lots of lookouts along the way. we drove about half of that, first stopping at the blue mesa.  then we turned around and stopped at newspaper rock.  it has ancient petroglyphs on it, drawings of people, hands, feet, animals.  it was pretty cool.  it was vandalized and you can’t go down to them.  they have telescopes for you to look through.  there wasn’t really any “forest.”  it used to be a forest and then all the wood and logs were petrified and then they fall and shatter and look like rocks.  it was a nice way to spend the morning.

we left the petrified forest and planned on stopping for breakfast because grant and i were hungry for some really food, not snacks.  but, there was nothing for a long time. we actually crossed the new mexico border. finally we stopped at a mickey d’s in gallup, nm.  on the way out of gallup, ryan got some fireworks.  we drove for awhile and grant played with legos and puzzles and then took a nap.

he woke up just in time for the ice caves near grants, new mexico.  the ice cave is near bandera volcano.  the temperature in the cave never gets above 31 degrees.  the floor of the ice is 20 feet thick and the deepest ice dates back 3,400 years.  the walk to the ice cave is only about 10 min and then down a staircase into the cave.  it’s 100 degrees out and then as you start descending the stairs it gets colder and colder and feels so good!  the walk to the volcano is about 20 min., so we skipped that.  grant kept saying that dinosaurs were in the caves taking “nap naps.”  and then he got a little scared as we went down the staircase, thinking there were dinosaurs down there.  

from the ice cave we made our way to karen and brian’s house in rio rancho, which is just outside alberqueque.  we bbq’d some steak and made burritos for dinner.  the bogey went to bed and we did some fireworks and then hit the hay, too.


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