car trouble

day 5: 9a 6.5.12

we hit our first hiccup. we left karen and brian’s around 5:30a and drive about 20 min and stopped for gas. once we filled up and we went to leave, the car wouldn’t start. luckily, we were at a gas station with an auto repair shop. they didn’t open until 8, but the guy was there early and he started testing stuff. karen and brian drove up and kept us company and grant was pretty well behaved. he watched the end of cars and started nemo and had some breakfast. yogurt, banana, and a cereal bar. so, now we have a new battery and are back on the road. yay!
heading to roswell πŸ™‚



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this is a random mix of whatever. some book and movie reviews. a lot of fangirling over the x-files. reviewing all episodes, slowly but surely. thanks for visiting!
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One Response to car trouble

  1. katie&natalia says:

    thank goodness it worked out!. keep posting. i love following along! but no more butt cracks please. πŸ˜‰

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