day 4: old town abq and el pinto

day 4: 6.4.12

grant woke up way too early for my taste, 5:15.  i had to keep him occupied for awhile until the others woke up.  we went t0 breakfast on our way to old town albuquerque (which i finally know how to spell).  we ate at this place called the range which i remembered from 8 years ago.  right next door was silva’s saloon.  i had huevos con queso and it was heavenly.  i love anything with a cheese sauce.  and especially with poached eggs, which is my favorite way to have eggs.  add an english muffin and canadian bacon and i am a happy camper.

then we headed to old town albuquerque.  went into shops and walked around.  grant started to lose steam again and we headed back to put him down for a nap.

we just hung out at the house for the rest of the afternoon.  i think everybody napped while grant slept.  we went out to dinner at el pinto.  i guess it’s the restaurant that all the celebrities go to when they’re in town.  and with good reason.  the food is really good and the atmosphere is really nice.  it’s a huge place, but still feels cozy and intimate.  it must’ve been an estate or something before.  grant ate a heap load of chips and guacamole and spanish rice.  and then we had sopaipillas for dessert.  they are these puffy, fried dough pillows that you fill with honey.  it says new mexico just as much as green chile (which i had on my enchiladas).  feeling full and satisfied, we went home and went to bed.


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