day 5: aliens and pirates

day 5: rio rancho, nm-whites city, nm 6.5.12

we left karen and brian’s at 5:30 and had our bit of car trouble.  with that behind us we headed south towards roswell, nm.  i got to drive a bit, so ryan could rest his eyes.  i used cruise control for the first time ever and it is totally awesome.  it keeps my lead foot in check.  we switched back at some point before getting into roswell.  we had lunch at the spaceship mcdonalds and then drove up main street and walked around.  we went into some shops and took pictures.  that’s all we really had planned for roswell.  oh, and grant got a space gun.

after our alien encounters we headed to whites city, nm.  it’s right outside of carlsbad.  we wanted to stay at the rodeway inn in whites city because it’s the only hotel that is close to the carlsbad caverns national park.  i had read mixed reviews on the place (more negative than positive), so it was really a gamble.  our decision was confirmed when we saw the pirate ship and water slides next to the pool!  and they had vacancy. it was perfect.  we unloaded and immediately got in our suits.  there is a pool in one section…boring. and then there is like a shallow kiddie pool with a freakin’ pirate ship with little water slides! and then (there’s more) there are 2 big water slides.  one was a black tube one and it was fast.  i haven’t been on a water slide like that in so long.  it was super fun.  grant (naturally) loved the pirate ship.  he went down the slides a bunch.  ryan took him down the big blue one, but not the black, fast one.  he liked that, too.

after getting all dried off and changed, we walked around and took some pictures cuz there is some random stuff.  there was also a country/general store type of place across the street, so we went there and had a cold treat.  grant had a push pop.

we went back to our room and made sandwiches for dinner and then had a really crappy nights sleep.  the beds sucked, but the pirate ship was so worth it.


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