treats in tx

day 6: 3p 6.6.12
we have been driving for hours with nothing around. we left carlsbad around 10:30a and took the 180 east. we passed into texas around noon. there was not much around for awhile. finally we got to big spring, tx and the bogie and i needed to take a break from the car. we went into the convenience store for some treats. I had a hankering for beef jerky because we are already out of our costco-size bag. when I grabbed it off the hook, grant took it from me and put it back and said “no, mommy. yucky, dog food.” I’m thinking he got this from me because when ryan got the bag from costco I thought it was dog food. then grant picked out peanut m&ms and I got a moon pie. I’ve been seeing them at every gas station and I finally gave in. grant shared his m&ms with me and I shared my moon pie with him. we are now happy travelers again 🙂



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  1. katie&natalia says:

    MMMH moon pie!

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