day 6: caves and then texas

day 6: whites city, nm-fort worth, tx 6.6.12

we woke up and packed the car.  we drove about 15 min up a winding road to carlsbad caverns national park.  we were the first ones there.  once they opened we went in and got our tickets.  we opted for the elevator rather than the walk, for grant’s sake.  i’m glad we did because the elevator was pretty cool.  it goes down (kinda fast) about 75 stories underground.  the elevator guy turned the lights off in the elevator and you could see the rock rushing past us as we descended.  we were the first group down there.  i’m so glad we went early because it is so awe inspiring to see and the quiet just added to the grand effect of it all.  it’s dark and they have some rocks lit throughout and the path is dimly lit, as well.  i had gotten grant a flashlight at the gift shop and we used it the entire time.  the whole loop is about 2 miles.  we saw stalagmites and stalactites and even though i did a science project on them in grade school, i couldn’t remember which one came from the top and which one grew up from the bottom.  ryan had an easy way to remember: stalactites grow from the top and hold on “tite;” stalagmites grow up from the ground with all their “mite.”  it’s hard to describe how incredible it really is and the pictures don’t do it justice. it was nice and cool down there and a great way to spend the morning.

after the caverns we drove for a looooooong time.  there was nothing around, no reasons to stop.  this is one of our longest legs of the trip.  i was driving when we crossed the border into texas.  we finally stopped in big spring, tx for snacks and to stretch our legs.  that rejuvenated us a bit.  grant just kept saying “nana’s house?” over and over.  he watched cars and chuck the truck a bunch of times, did a little bit of art, played with his space gun, and took a nap.  when we got about 30 minutes outside fort worth it started to rain.  not too bad.  i have to say, it was kinda nice after all the heat we’ve been in the last week.  we got to the hotel at about 6:30p.  it was too late to go see nana, so we just made sandwiches in our room and went to bed.  


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