day 11: recuperating

day 11: rio rancho, nm 6.11.12
not much to report about today. karen had to go into work this morning for an hour so ryan and grant and I just hung out until she got home. we went to the range again for breakfast. grant had 4 hot cakes with yogurt, bananas, and strawberries and he almost ate all of it. he was pretty cranky on the drive home. I don’t think he got enough sleep last night. he took a nap when we got home. post nap was uneventful. we watched grant play in the backyard with the dogs and the hose. once it cooled down a bit karen and I took him to the park, but he was kinda over it in 15 min. we got him a treat at the mini mart and went home. he had dinner and then his push pop. then it was a shower and bedtime. ryan and I did a little bit of packing. we’ve done it so many times, we are pretty fast and efficient at it now. we are leaving early tomorrow, so we better get some shut eye.



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