camping pt. 1

los padres mountains, los prietos campgrounds, santa barbara, ca


the felland’s met us at our house before we headed out.  we left about 9:30 am.  we had a nice stop in ventura.  grant got a soy “choc-choc” milk and i got a ginger lemonade that was amazing at a great little coffee shop.  i shopped around the thrift stores while ryan checked out an olive oil store.  then we headed to the chumash painted caves.  it was up a really steep winding road.  the drive was actually cooler than the cave.  it was like we were driving into the clouds because there was so much fog.  it was really surreal.  i loved it.  we made a short stop to look at the caves.  it was only about another 20 minutes to the campsite.  then we set up camp.

after we set up, we just relaxed a bit.  set up the hammocks and the kids played.  nonno showed up in the late afternoon sometime.  ryan and i were starting to make dinner.  we made parmesan zucchini, jerk chicken, and garlic cheesy bread.  i prepped it all and ryan cooked it at the fire pit.  it all came out really yummy.  the kids really liked the cheese bread.  i made s’mores popcorn for dessert.  you toss the fresh hot popcorn with mini marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and melted butter.  delicious!!

the next day we packed up stuff for an afternoon at white rock after a relaxing morning around the campsite.  we all got on the bikes and the kids got in the bike trailer and we rode to white rock.  nonno drove the kayaks there.  we set up the pop-up tent and for awhile we had the river to ourselves.  grant absolutely loved the water.  it was actually a really nice temperature.  it was cold getting in, but after you got over the initial shock it was beautiful!  grant would swim or kayak and then take little snack breaks.  everyone took turns on the kayak.  there was a rope swing and we took turns on that.hugo fell asleep in the kayak!  it was a great day at the river.

we rode back to the campsite for lunch.  grant fell asleep while i was changing him.  he went straight into the crib and took an hour long nap.  score!  the felland’s and nonno tag-teamed the bacon wrapped hot dogs for lunch.  grant woke up just in time for a delicious lunch!

crystal and wisnick showed up at around 4p and a bunch of people went back to white rock for another swim.  nonno, grant, the dogs, and i stayed back.  nonno was prepping his dinner and grant and i played.

everyone got back and cleaned up.  nonno was working on an amazing dinner and everyone just hung out, enjoying the environment and each other’s company.  i brought out the s’mores arts and crafts bucket that i brought.  grant was obsessed with gluing, so he would put glue on the pieces and i would arrange them.

dinner time: cedar plank salmon, steaks with a miso marinade, and asparagus.  it was all delicious, especially that steak.  oh my god!


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