camping pt. 2

los padres national forest, los prietos campground, santa barbara, ca


we got up and had a nice lazy morning.  ryan made eggs and bacon for everyone and then we got ready to go to red rock.  it is a short drive and then about a 15 min hike to the swimming hole.  it was worth the hike, for sure.  the water wasn’t quite as nice as white rock.  it was colder, but still enjoyable.  there was a rock to jump off.  it was probably about 10 feet high.  after a bit of swimming and sunbathing, we made the hike back to the car and then back to camp.

grammo was at the camp to greet us when we got back.  we hung out at camp and had a lovely cocktail hour complete with vodka soaked pineapple.  crystal and wiz made a fabulous lunch of kebabs and potatoes.  eric and miho’s friends, joe and tomo, arrived around 4p.  we all made another trip to white rock, except wisnick and crystal, who stayed back to play some dominoes.  after some rope jumping and kayaking, we went back to the camp.  joe, tomo, eric, and miho were in charge of the night’s dinner.  steak, cheesy pasta casserole, and corn.  delish!  grant had 2 pieces of corn.  after the kiddo’s went to bed we stayed up and hung around the campfire.  i pooped out kinda early.  it was a busy day!  the next day joe and tomo made a dutch oven eggs, bacon, and potato dish for everyone and beans.  omg, it was heavenly!  after fueling up we packed up and headed home.  another great camping trip!


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