boat ride to santa cruz island


my good friend from cookie casa, kristen, invited the fam for a boat ride from oxnard to santa cruz island.  her parents live basically right in the harbor in oxnard.  they have a boat that is docked right in their backyard.   the boat is named amante which means “lover” in italian and has a picture of a women with her legs in the air.  i’m kicking myself right now for not taking a picture.  kristen’s dad bought it from an old italian guy in san diego.

we met at kristen’s parents house at 8a and had coffee and donuts.  perfect start to the day.  everyone started showing up.  abby and adam.  kayla and kim.  we got on the boat at about 9a.  it was a nice cruise through the harbor.  we saw lots of boats and a pirate ship.  grant really liked being down below.  he was putting goldfish in plastic wine glasses and then passed them out to everyone up top.  once we were out of the harbor we picked up speed and it was a pretty bumpy ride, but totally fun.  i was holding grant and then he wanted to be passed around, so he went between kristen, ryan, and i.  then ryan set him down on a chair and told him to hold on and then he was content.  he just wanted to sit on his own the whole time, i guess.  it was about a hour an a half ride out to santa cruz island.  i eventually sat next to grant and he fell asleep.  he would occasionally wake up when we got splashed every now and then, but it didn’t really bother him.  we passed anacapa islands.  the islands are basically cliffs on all sides so it is a great place for birds to hang out away from predators.  the middle island was the location of a lot of bird footage for the hitchcock movie, the birds.  

there’s no place to dock on santa cruz island.  we dropped anchor and brought out the snacks.  grant, ryan, and i took a kayak ride and then came back for some lunch.  abby and adam also took a little kayak trip.  ryan cannonballed into the freezing cold ocean.  i couldn’t believe it.  i went and sat on the back of the boat and put my feet in the water.  man, it was cold.  and there were a bunch of weird, like, mini jelly fish things in the water.  they were like clear jellybeans floating around, like hundreds.  so, that kind of creeped me out.  i eventually did go in the water.  grant liked sitting on the back of the boat, too.  he went in the water for a split second.  we headed back around 2.  the ride back seemed to take half the time.  when we got back, erin, david, and their girls, charlotte and maggie showed up.  grant got along really well with charlotte and maggie.  they were playing tag around the patio table and they played trucks.  kristen’s dad bbq’d some tri-tip and they put out a nice spread.  we had a great dinner right on the harbor.  then we went for a relaxing harbor cruise with kristen’s dad, mom, and sister and the zabel’s.  well, i think it was meant to be relaxing, but these kid were seriously amped up.  they were all over that boat, up top, down below, jumping at the bed, sitting at the dining table.  it was kinda crazy following them around.  but, the kids loved it.

great day out on the sea.  thank you, skoda family!!


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