pre-christmas road trip

here we go. grant and ryan picked me up from work and we got on the road. we headed north on the I-5. grant fell asleep pretty quickly. I tried to, but was too excited and my brain was still buzzing from the crazy busy day at work. can’t believe I got everything done before I left. ryan and I listened to christmas music. about 2 hours in we were listening to jingle bells and we heard a little voice come from the back seat singing jingle bells. well, grant’s awake. we drove for another 1/2 hour and then stopped for gas and a potty break. grant and I got some in and out and we got back on the road. grant is watching umi zoomi and bubble guppies maybe now I can get some sleep.


About buckuplittlecamper

this is a random mix of whatever. some book and movie reviews. a lot of fangirling over the x-files. reviewing all episodes, slowly but surely. thanks for visiting!
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