10th annual silva girls’ trip

south lake tahoe, ca 5.9.14-5.12.14

the silva girls’ trip is something i look forward to every year and this year was met with extra anticipation.  it’s our 10th year and we rented a cabin in south lake tahoe.  it was a nice change from a hotel where we have to split into two rooms. and we added an extra night.  gramma, mom, aunt lisa, and i left santa cruz early friday morning and headed to jackson to pick up aunt theresa.  it was a bit of a drive and we were starving when we got there.  we had some much needed cwoffie.  it’s really not “cwoffie” until it is enjoyed in the company of another silva gral.  after checking out the new addition to tree’s house we went into town and had brunch at the waffle shop.  i had a bacon waffle.  that’s bacon in and on top.  it was amazing. and with coffee it was pure brunch bliss.  i took a picture of my last bite and tried to art it up in instagram and tree said it looked totally gross. ha! gotta love that silva girl honesty.  i ran across the way to check out a thrift store and got a cow creamer and a lumberjack shirt.  score!



now with full tummies and a full car we headed to tahoe.  it was a pretty drive up 88 and it was really cool when we started to see snow on the ground.  we stopped at lakeview to actually view the lake before going to the cabin.  the cabin was just another 5 min drive.  it was quaint and perfect.  it was equipped with everything you could possibly need.  we claimed our rooms, top model style.  the perk of getting there first.  i thought i was being nice and sacrificing by taking the futon in the living room, but it actually ended up being the best bed in the house.  we went to the grocery store and got some drinks and snacks and then the other grals arrived not too long after we got back.  some hang time and then the search for dinner began.  we decided on mexican food and headed to a place i can’t remember the name of.  we drove in the parking lot and immediately reversed.  it didn’t look good.  so, we drove up the street to a place we saw driving in and it was closed.  i looked up on yelp and found los mexicanos, so we headed there.  well, third time was not a charm.  gramma couldn’t find anything on the menu and the salad she ordered was a sad excuse for a salad.  mom got a quesadilla with a mystery meat and when the mystery was revealed it was boiled stomach or tongue or something.  it looked like calamari, but it was rubbery and gross.  i was fine with my tacos i shared with aunt carole, but they were bland and dry.  sad, sad dinner.  back at the cabin we watched notting hill and went to bed.


we had cwoffie and snacks for breakfast at the cabin.  we went up to check out zephyr cove.  it was super beautiful and super windy.  took some pics and jumped back in the cars.  headed to a thrift store and lunch.  i found some books and lily found a killer jean jacket. sprouts, a hippie dippie cafe was in the same center and we thought it would be nice to have some fresh veggies and wholesome food after the no bueno dinner and the random snack breakfast.  gramma was happy with a fresh, real salad.  i think everyone was happy with our lunch choice.  i got a flu fighter juice that was yummy and a massive avocado with cream cheese.  i’m not calling it massive, it’s the name of the sandwich and it is, in fact, massive.  i wrecked that sandwich.  no leftovers.  then we did the typical split up between the shoppers and relaxers.  i usually go with the group going back to the hotel to watch tv, read, or nap, but felt like switching it up.  i went with carole, sue, and lily to the shopping center by the grocery store and the others went back to the cabin.  there were some cool boutiques and some not so cool.  i got grant some water balloons and ryan a ‘keep tahoe blue’ sticker.  as carole and sue got bullied into trying on a bunch of clothes by a pushy saleswoman, lily and i went to starbucks.  and why is oprah’s face plastered all over?  she has her own brand of chai tea?  ugh, she bugs.


back at the cabin we did the usual hanging. reading, tv, naps.  lily went outside to work on her hooping and came in shortly after to tell us it was snowing.  it was pretty light at first.  the snow would melt the second it landed, but we all got a huge kick out of it.  we went nuts.  all of us taking pictures and videos.  then it started to really come down.  it was so magical.  we were so silly about it.  i mean the rest of the country has just endured the harshest winter weather and here we are going crazy over a bit of snow.  it was the highlight of the trip for me.

we braved the weather (ha!) and went out to eat at the timbers, a restaurant inside a small casino.  it was ok.  it was like a little kid restaurant trying to be like the big boy restaurants.  service was spotty, food was average, but seeing the snow covered view out of the huge windows made for a lovely atmosphere.  i had the french onion soup and took a pic of it and instagrammed and aunt tree said it looked gross, again, ha ha ha.  we went back and lily, lisa, carole, mom, and sue played scattergories with theresa being the worst backseat player.  we got serious giggles at one point and mom (who had ditched the game and gone to bed) and gramma knocked on the wall and told us to keep it down.


cwoffie and then get ready for church.  and it’s mother’s day.  i am so happy i was with my mom and gramma.  we went to church at our lady of tahoe.  another first for our girl’s trip: another state.  the church is in nevada.  it was a small church nestled in the forest. really a picturesque place of worship.  behind the altar are big windows to give it an indoor/outdoor feel and a sense of communing with nature.  the priest, father oliver, was the cutest old irish fellow.  he made the service so delightful.  all the mothers were asked to stand and we were given a rose.  we offered our roses at the foot of mary on our way out and then made our way to the red hut for breakfast.  poached eggs, hashbrowns and jalapeno bacon.  excellent.  i was given a nondescript mug, so i was unable to pilfer it. some of the others received red hut mugs but didn’t want to be involved in my thievery.  i begrudgingly bought a mug.  after breakfast we drove to emerald bay.  we were going to see vikingsholm castle, but the parking lot was full.  we drove up aways and parked on a turnout and looked around.  it was a beautiful view and we had it almost to ourselves.  we headed back for the requisite r&r: reading and tv.  tree, lee, and i walked up to 7-11 for snackage and a redbox flick.  we came back and watched the book thief and ordered pizza.  lily made chocolate chip cookies for a treat and to make use of the oven that we had at our disposal.  amazing lazy hangtime.  sometimes my favorite part of the girls’ trips.

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


cwoffie, packing, and cleaning.  time to leave our sweet cabin.  on our way out of town we had breakfast at heidi’s and then caravanned to theresa’s house.  said goodbye to our gral, tree and headed home.  our cars split up in san jose and we made it back.  i was greeted by my boys and the most wonderful mother’s day gift: a little free library to put in our yard. another great girls’ trip in the books.  time to start looking forward to next year’s.



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