summer project weekly update 7.6.14

week 2 stats:

miles:  8.6 + cumulative 5.4 = 14/100

meals: 6 + cumulative 5 = 11/75

movies: 2 + cumulative 1 = 3/50

books: 1 + cumulative .25 = 1.25/25

I feel like this was an adequate week.

i was happy with the increase of miles.  i had two really good runs and on the third day in a row run, i was sluggish.  this is something that i will work out of as i keep it up.  i am usually too tired the day after working, so i need to figure out how to remedy that.  that is three days i’m not logging any miles, and i’m going to need that time even if they are short runs.

i have mostly been eating well.  there were several meals that were wholesome, but one ingredient disqualified it from the challenge.  for example, a dinner consisting of steak, potatoes, squash, and salad was all good except i had the sriracha potatoes instead of the plain.  sriracha is definitely a processed food.  it was worth it, though.  those potatoes were damn good.  two meals this week were staff meals at work.  two meals were comprised of homemade, from scratch waffles and fruit.  one morning before grant’s swim lesson i made waffles with a side of grapefruit.  and the other morning before the lesson, ryan made waffles and i had some plums from our tree as a side.  they were great fuel meals for our family bike ride to harvey west for the swim lessons.  the third home meal was a salad with lettuce from our garden and organic veggies from farm fresh to you and raw sunflower seeds.  home brewed unsweetened black iced tea accompanied it perfectly and two plums from our old plum tree in the back yard.  crisp and fresh, all of it. the fourth was another breakfast. eggs with kale from gramma’s garden and farm fresh veggies. perfect post run power meal.

i find the movies are really difficult to fit in.  i usually only have time to watch at night and our days have been busy, so i fall asleep or only have time for something short.  i had leave her to heaven recorded on the dvr for a while, so i watched it one afternoon by myself.  i had to watch it in about 3 intervals. some while i was folding laundry.  i really enjoyed this movie.  i love old movies.  not huge into noir, so it was nice that leave her to heaven is just noir-ish.  this film introduced me to gene tierney, who may be my new fave classic film leading lady.  i will be looking into more of her films.  particularly, laura, the razor’s edge, the ghost and mrs. muir, and heaven can wait.  read my review on leave her to heaven here on bulc.  the other movie was 42, the jackie robinson biopic.  i didn’t review it, but it was very good, as most movies like this are.  inspiring stories of people fighting the odds and discrimination and overcoming great diversity often make for a good film.  the highlight of 42 was harrison ford as branch rickey, an executive with the brooklyn dodgers who helped break the color barrier in major league baseball by recruiting robinson.  i’ve never seen ford play an oddball character like that and he was great.  i almost got a third movie out of the weekend.  on the fourth of july, we had family over for a bbq and then grant went to grammo and nonno’s to spend the night so ryan and i could have a date night.  we were just going to stay in and watch a movie.  we chose the great gatsby and we both promptly fell asleep before leo even graced the screen.

i finished the cuckoo’s calling by robert galbraith (j.k. rowling).  it was captivating but not in a page turning way.  i really loved the mystery and following the main character detective in investigating the truth.  i was surprised in the end to find out whodunnit.  i am interested enough to pick up another in the series to see these characters investigate another crime, but cuckoo does not leave you with the urge to seek out the next book immediately.  the next book i started reading is the rosie project by graeme simsion.  i have to read this one next as it is also a lucky day book from the library and cannot be renewed.  it’s due in ten days and is definitely doable because so far it’s fast reading.  it is about a genetics professor who tries to go about finding a wife the way he approaches his work; scientifically.  he finds a completely unsuitable mate, but decides to help her with a scientific and genetic problem of her own.  the book is told from the point of view of the professor and is quite entertaining.

all right, well, i’m off to work.  today is my friday.









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  1. I really enjoy your writing, and not because I am your mother. I like that it is divided in a sense and makes me smile and/or chuckle at least once in each paragraph.

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