ass backwards

ass backwards, 2013 (dir. chris nelson, starring: june diane raphael and casey wilson)

i can’t decide if this film is a horrible rip off of romy and michelle’s high school reunion or a terrible female version of dumb and dumber.  kate (raphael) and chloe (wilson) are two dumb and delusional losers who return to their hometown in attempts to win an anniversary beauty pageant that they lost as kids.  the jokes were tired and forced.  i like the idea of a female buddy movie, but this is an ill offering for that small genre.  by all accounts these actresses are funny and capable, but you can tell they are trying too hard to prove themselves as being able to carry a film.  odd cameos made by alicia silverstone, jon cryer, and vincent d’onofrio.  i was hoping for a movie with good comedic roles for women and was disappointed.

eye roll rating: 11


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