summer project weekly update 7.13.14

week 3 stats:

miles: 9 + 14 cumulative = 23/100

meals: 8 + 11 cumulative = 19/75

movies: 2 + 3 cumulative = 5/50

books: 1 + 1.25 cumulative = 2.25/25

going pretty steady, but the unsympathetic reality of math shows i need to really up the movie watching and slightly up my reading.

i’m happy with the 9 miles, but i know i can do more.  one 3.5 mile run was great.  i wish all my runs felt like that.  my plantar fasciitis (ryan calls them my planters peanuts) started acting up from working.  maybe i’ll start adding in some arch stretching.

i’m finding the meals are the easiest part of this whole challenge.  well, as long as you stock your house with wholesome food.  i think that has been the key.  if processed food was accessible the numbers would be significantly less.  two meals were staff meals.  one was a breakfast i made after that great 3.5 mile run.  ryan brewed me up that organic koffi coffee that he brought from palm springs.  we hadn’t used our coffee maker since we moved in 8 months ago.  i made some steel cut oats and steeped dates in almond milk and blended it to mix in with the oatmeal.  delicious and no added sugar.  totally organic, too.  another breakfast was a bran muffin from work.  i know it’s not processed because i make it from scratch and i know the ingredients are all wholesome and organic.  and with that coffee, oh man, yum.  one dinner contributed to three of the eight meals.  it originated as a pesto pasta made with basil from our garden with a side salad with lettuce and peppers from the garden and a side of yellow pole beans from, you guessed it, our garden.  round it out with steak from new leaf.  then that transformed to leftovers for our art afternoon lunch.  i used the pesto and parmesan and some locally baked bread from emily’s bakery to make some pesto toasts.  added a garden fresh salad, organic green olives, and farm fresh orange slices.  another was a straightforward leftover scarfing of that pesto pasta before work one day.  we also went greek as we so often do and did our steak and veggie pitas with a side of those amazing beans from our garden.

only got two movies in.  one was great and one was awful.  i reviewed both here on bulc.  i’m not sure how i am going to fulfill this part of the challenge.  i am having trouble even watching two movies a week and i have to watch 4.5 movies a week here on out.  ryan is catching up on season 1 of orange is the new black and i am rewatching it with him before getting into season 2.  we often choose to watch that instead of a movie.  salmon fishing in the yemen was a pleasant surprise.  ass backwards was an unpleasant one.

i thoroughly enjoyed the rosie project.  the quirky main character and the interesting twist on a love story made for enjoyable reading.  i finished that and started shane, a western.  never read a western before and it’s surprisingly wonderful.  i’ve only read a little over a 1/4 of it so far, but it’s short and i think i’ll finish it shortly.

another week in the can.  feeling good. (except my feet are freakin’ killing me.)

IMG_1129 IMG_1136 IMG_1128 IMG_1126 IMG_1093 IMG_1112 IMG_1049 IMG_1056 IMG_1124 IMG_1125 IMG_1091




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