gravity, 2013 (dir. alfonso cuaron, starring: sandra bullock and george clooney)

hey, did you know that george clooney is in this?  with all the hype around sandra bullock i was expecting him to be on screen for about 5 minutes.  his screen time was short and this IS bullock’s movie, but i still thought he was great and deserves some recognition. he basically plays matt kowalski as if george clooney was an astronaut. a really charming, suave astronaut.  this movie is an emotional, action packed nail-biter.  it was just one thing going wrong after another and that made for an intense hour and a half.  it was gripping in total, from beginning to end.  i happily went along for the ride.  actually, there should be a ride based on this movie at universal studios.  there’s a moment where bullock’s character, ryan stone, is hanging onto an arm of the spaceship and it gets knocked by debris and she goes spinning in space.  all i was thinking then was that it would make a really cool ride.

when you have a deeply talented, truly artistic director helm and co-write a spacey action flick you get stunning and thoughtful moments like the beauty of a tear floating in zero gravity.  also, the lighting is gorgeous.  it is perpetual night out there in space and at times the only light source is the sun peeking across the horizon of the earth.  the way they portrayed that was brilliant.  the occasional use of strict POV added to the intensity and was used effectively.  rather than be pure artsy cinematography or just straight up action, this film has those elements and so much more.  a strong female lead, some comedy here and there to break the tension (“i hate space”), and some great lines that speak to an overall theme of strength, overcoming, and perseverance (“i’ve never prayed in my life.  no one ever taught me how.”)  that message of letting go of the things that make you think giving up is an option and to have the courage to keep going resonated deep thanks to great performances and beautiful filmmaking.

eye roll rating: .5 (for one little plot hole that bugged me)


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