summer project weekly update 7.27.14

week 5 stats:

miles: 9.5 + 32 cumulative = 41.5/100

meals: 5 + 22 cumulative = 27/75

movies: 5 + 7 cumulative = 12/50

books: 1.75 + 2.25 cumulative = 4/25

i fit in 5 movies this week!  it was tough, though.  i also upped my reading numbers, but looks like a still have a ways to go.  the two health categories were just ok.

i had a nice birthday run.  3.6 miles and it felt great the whole way.  a good motivation is that i get to listen to my awesome workout playlist and i’ve been picking out a workout song lyric of the day.  it helps me to focus on something else besides when i can stop running.  another great indicator of the benefits of running is that it energizes you.  i was dead tired a couple of hours before going into work and forced myself to go for a run and it totally woke me up.  i felt like i could go into work and not be a zombie.

kinda meh on the meals this week.  i am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the bounty of our garden rather being inspired.  i have never been a fan of salads and eating a salad with lettuce from our garden actually excited me, but i’m getting burned out on them.  there are tons and tons of recipes out there to use zucchini and squash, but my inclination to experiment is fading.  and this stuff just keeps growing and growing.  i can only eat so many beans!  mom made a 3 bean salad for a picnic.  i’ll have to give that a whirl.  so, three of my meals were breakfast and two of those consisted of a bran muffin from work, fruit, and organic coffee.  one day i added a kale smoothie from mom.  the third breakfast was steel cut oats with almond milk and walnuts.  one lunch was leftover zucchini soup and leftover chicken and iced tea.  the highlight was ryan’s delicious, juicy chicken and crispy fresh cut fries and a (meh) salad with veggies from our gard-blah, blah, blah.

last week started off on the right foot for the movie portion.  aunt sue took me to see jersey boys.  it was so nice.  we saw it at the del mar with mom, gramma, and aunt lisa.  i will review it here this week.  i saw two jane austen related movies: the jane austen book club and austenland.  i didn’t really like either of them.  i am not well read with austen’s works, so i don’t feel equipped to review them.  they both had decent casts, but silly plots.  they were both based on books and i’m sure they read better than they were portrayed on screen.  i almost gave up on austenland because the premise was too absurd, but i hung in there and i actually liked the ending.  i watched what’s eating gilbert grape one night by myself.  it was just one of those movies that everyone’s see, but somehow got away from me.  oh god, the feels!  i was totally blubbering by the end.  i plan on reviewing it here soon.  the last was a case of you which i also intend to review. it follows the typical rom-com formula, but has an indie flair.

i read the bulk of mr. penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore and the entirety of slaughterhouse-five.  both were great, but penumbra was excellent.  i got the book at a garage sale based on the premise written on the jacket cover and it did not disappoint and there was so much more story than i expected.  it involves a mysterious bookstore, modern love, a secret literary society, books of codes, and a plethora of interesting characters.  what more could you ask for?  oh, good writing, i suppose.  well, it has that, too!  if you haven’t guessed, i highly recommend it.  slaughterhouse-five by kurt vonnegut was very good, but a very different type of read than the style that i am accustomed to.  it didn’t take long to fall into the swing of vonnegut’s writing.  since the story incorporated time travel and alien abduction it kind of goes all over the place.  i would like to read it again and see if i can find meaning in the order in which vonnegut presents the events.

starting to see that i might have set impossible goals for myself, but i’ll keep plugging away.














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