summer project weekly update 8.3.14

week 6 stats:

miles: 0 + 41.5 cumulative = 41.5/100

meals: 6 + 27 cumulative = 33/75

movies: 0 + 12 cumulative = 12/50

books: 1.25 + 4 cumulative = 5.25/25

this week is what the you tubers call an epic fail.  no running, not many meals, no movies and a modest amount of reading.  i’ve been working more and really have no time to put together healthy meals or go for a run, let alone sit and enjoy a movie or a book.

not much to say here.  too tired to run.  i know it’s an excuse, but there you have it.  i’ll have to suck it up next week and play some major catch up.

didn’t do so bad with the meals.  lucky for those staff meals.  they accounted for half of this weeks meals.  two were leftovers of that zucchini soup.  the last was a breakfast that i made for ryan before he had to go to work.  we had simple scrambled eggs, dry toast, and sliced tomato.

bummed about the movies.  i did so well last week.

i’m so glad i stumbled across wonder at the library.  this book was so great.  it’s actually a middle grader book, but i’ve been hearing about adults who have enjoyed it.  wonder follows august, a 5th grader with several deformities, during his first year in school.  it is told from many perspectives.  first, from august’s, then his older sister’s, then his new friend at school and several others.  i feel like the title, wonder, refers to wondering what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes and the author actually lets you get a glimpse into that person’s life.  it was really well written and the voices of the young people felt authentic.  i read it fast and was in tears at the end.  totally heart breaking and heartfelt and genuine.  i think it should be required reading in school because it really teaches empathy in an approachable way.  some of the actions of characters broke your heart and then some of the kindness others showed was so touching.  i really enjoyed this book and i think it accounts for the reading slump i felt after finishing it.  i picked up a couple of books, not really knowing what i wanted to read next and read a page or two and then tried another.  i’ve settled on the outsiders by s.e. hinton.  it’s considered to be the first novel actually categorized as a young adult novel.  so far i really like the writer’s way of writing.  it’s kind of beautiful in contrast to the gritty subject matter.

well, here’s to a better week…(that shouldn’t be too hard with these measly numbers)




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