summer project weekly update 8.10.14

week 7 stats:

miles: 4 + 41.5 cumulative = 45.5/100

meals: 5 + 33 cumulative = 38/75

movies: 4 + 12 cumulative = 16/50

books: .25 + 5.25 cumulative = 5.5/25

not very good numbers.  the lack of motivation carried over from last week.  i’m just going to focus on the positive though.  i did rack up numbers in each category.  that’s something. i did fit in some writing. i reviewed 2 movies and wrote another piece for collective lifestyle.

i almost let myself get through another week without running.  i did one 4 mile run on the last day of the week.  see, this challenge is doing something.  i probably would not have forced myself to go on that run if i didn’t have these miles to worry about.  it holds me accountable and forces motivation if it’s not readily available.  that one run was a great run, too.  hopefully it’s the kickstart i need to get back on track.

well, i’m leaving this category with room for improvement.  i could easily do more than this, but it was almost like i was allergic to healthy food this week.  i refused to eat salad and zucchini and beans.  i felt like the vegetable garden was a burden.  three of the 5 were staff meals.  one was just a smoothie that mom made.  it was banana, fresh cherries, kale (from the garden), fresh peaches, and frozen pineapple.  it was tasty.  the last meal was also something my mom made.  it was this raw asian noodle salad (well, it was all raw except for the rice noodles).  it had shredded carrots, zucchini, squash and a simple asian dressing.  it was really good.  i had it twice, but i am only counting it once because one time i added sriracha and had a soda with it.

four movies is not too shabby.  august: osage county was my gift to myself for finishing work early.  although, i under-estimated how tired i would be even having gotten off more than an hour than normal.  i finished it the next day.  i reviewed it here on bulc.  the next was a netflix flick.  i chose it mostly because it was just an hour and a half rather than 2 hours, which most movies are.  it was the holocaust film, the boy in the striped pajamas.  it was very good and an interesting view of the holocaust.  i can’t bring myself to review it because the ending packed such an emotional wallop, i couldn’t even go to bed after.  it was the same effect that a horror movie has, but it was a different kind of horror.  it was worse, in a way.  these unspeakable horrors against the jewish people in contrast to the innocence of childhood was way too emotional for me.  vera farmiga was fantastic, as were the two boys.  the fact that the film was able to elicit so many strong feelings shows how well done it was.  the other two movies were also a treat to myself while the boys went down to la for one night.  i rented delivery man and her from redbox. delivery man was not bad, but not great.  vince vaughn plays a loser who in the past donated to a sperm bank and it resulted in him being the biological father to hundreds of children who now want to meet him.  he ends up being some sort of guardian angel to these kids.  it has those funny vince vaughn moments and some heart, but kinda fell flat overall.  the last was her.  a very interesting movie about a man who falls in love with his computer operating system.  i plan on reviewing it here soon.

i’m still reading the outsiders.  i’m still liking it.  hoping to finish it in the next couple of days.

i do realize i won’t accomplish these goals, but i do want to see how far i can get.  there’s just over a month left.  when i was putting together the challenge i was trying to be realistic.  if i had tackled one challenge at a time i probably could have done it, but trying to focus on four different areas is difficult.  life gets in the way.  it’s good to challenge ourselves even when we bite off more than we can chew.  the key is not to be so serious about it that you get discouraged.  i think that, coupled with working more hours, contributed to my two week slump.  i
think i’m getting out of it, though.









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