summer project weekly update 8.17.14

week 8 stats:

miles: 0 + 45.5 cumulative = 45.5/100

meals: 3 + 38 cumulative = 41/75

movies: 1 + 16 cumulative = 17/50

books: .25 + 5.5 cumulative = 5.75/25

i was worried about these lousy weekly results sounding like a broken record.  here we are the third week in a row with dismal numbers.  my excuse this week is biological. guys, cover your ears, whatever, close your eyes.  my monthly visitor arrived, apparently, royally pissed off at me.  i was moody, tired, worn out, ravenously hungry, irritable, and on and on.  i didn’t want to touch anything healthy with a ten foot pole.  i certainly didn’t want to run.  i know, i know, exercise is supposed to relieve menstrual symptoms.  sorry, but, the last thing i want to do is exert any energy.  can’t i just lay on the couch and watch tv and eat junk food?  no, i have a stupid job.  i have two stupid jobs, in fact, and that really irritates me this week.  i have taken on even more hours and am having a hard time fitting in any of my challenge categories.  i want to be optimistic and say that i’m going to turn it all around next week, but according to my attitude as of late, fuck that.

zero miles.  and i feel like a total zero.  i wore my fluorescent green nike “run” shorts around the house.  does that count?  no?  fine, whatever.

i was craving junk food and comfort food like mad this week.  i fit in 2 healthy staff meals, which i am really starting to get sick of.  enough of the freakin’ chickpeas, already! i decided to make steel cut oats one morning.  sounds healthy and productive, right?  i was just procrastinating so i could avoid doing household chores.  well, i got a meal out of it, so not a total loss (but, my house is a complete and utter disaster area and my son has ran out of clean shorts and has been wearing swim trunks…)

i could barely stay up and watch a half-hour of jeopardy most nights.  i did fit in one movie.  nixon by nixon: in his own words is a documentary based on those famous tapes that nixon recorded while he was in office.  i am fascinated by richard nixon and the whole watergate scandal.  i intend to do a full review here on bulc.  i’m tempted to write it up for collective lifestyle, as well.  i enjoyed this documentary, although i feel it just scratched the surface.

the outsiders is really good and i just got through a big plot point and wish i could devote more time to it.  i can’t believe it’s taking me so long to read this book!  stupid life getting in the way.  argh!

well, full week of work ahead for both Ryan and i.  the house will be a hot mess for another week.  who knows what bogie will wear when he’s out of swim shorts.  guess i will have to fit in laundry.  we are being a bit unrealistic by saying we are going to have a date night on friday.  but, i really hope we can because we both kind of need it.  to top it all off, we have the r.o.c. race on saturday for which i am inadequately prepared.  actually, this past week has felt like life’s own r.o.c. race.  ridiculous.  obstacles everywhere.  and a race against time to begrudgingly improve my challenge numbers.








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