summer project weekly update 8.24.14

week 9 stats:

miles: 3.1 + 45.5 cumulative = 48.6/100

meals: 6 + 41 cumulative = 47/75

movies: 4 + 17 cumulative = 21/50

books: 1.25 + 5.75 cumulative = 6/25

no zeros this week.  feeling much better.  it was a great week overall.

those 3.1 miles were the r.o.c. race.  it was such a blast!  ryan, katie, mike and i were team pizza ninjas.  ha, we were going for teenage mutant ninja turtles, but we didn’t really have time to get decent costumes together.  i bought felt in each color to make the masks.  we wore green as much as we could and then we wore socks that said pizza and ninja on them, so really we became the pizza ninjas, which sounds pretty cool, too.  the obstacles were great.  when i jumped off of the tarzan swing, the rope came back and smacked me in the face.  it was the knot in the rope and it felt like i got punched in the nose.  it was pretty funny though, no damage.  i made it over the middle height wall.  i did all the monkey bars (one at a time, ha ha ha – sorry, guy behind me).  jumping over the big balls was like extreme leap frog.  cool runnings was my favorite.  that’s the inner tube water slide.  it was way fast!  and the first water we had seen more than half way through the course.  guess they are conserving water, too, which is good.  then right after cool runnings it was a short run to the next obstacle that had no line and was just slide, but it was fun to do two fun obstacles back to back.  that slide reminded me of those inflatable slides when you exit a plane in an emergency.  the foam slip and slide was probably my least favorite obstacle.  i didn’t slide anywhere, so i just kinda shimmied on my belly and knees to the end which had groups of people taking pictures and when we went to get our team’s picture the guys camera jammed or something.  i almost made it all the way across the beam in the big swinging ball challenge.  i was like one or two steps away from the end.  and then the end was “the world’s largest inflatable slide.”  ryan and i went side by side holding hands, like we did last year.  it was so fun.  the most fun you can have in 3.1 miles!

much better on the meals.  i really worked myself into a corner.  i avoided buying bad food, so i had no choice.  i hate throwing out food that goes bad, so i made salads and roasted potatoes.  ryan grilled chicken.  i had fruit for dessert.  i had fruit or oatmeal for breakfast.  we finally had some of our cherry tomatoes ripen and had that on our salads.  still not loving salads, but it felt good to eat better.

2 great movies, 1 kid movie, and 1 dud.  i’m sure you can guess which is which: the lego movie, philomena, the big wedding, and the grand budapest hotel.  philomena was really good, but heartbreaking.  judi dench is great as the title character based on a real woman. the lego movie was also very good.  it had lots of fun characters, a catchy theme song (everything is awesome), and a strikingly political theme.  the president is really a bad guy that took over a long time ago and created an all powerful company that monopolizes every market (read: monsanto).  he wants to do away with all creativity and make everybody only follow the instructions and rules.  the rebels are creative, innovative, and won’t be pigeon-holed.  they are call the master builders and can build anything that they can dream up.  the accidental hero, emmet, is a follower and not a leader.  he’s kind of a lonely guy that just wants people to like him.  he is under the impression that by following the rules, life’s instructions, he will get that.  but, it is when he meets a band of revolutionaries that he sees he can be both unique and loved.  very clever.  and quite an ingenious way of bringing a child’s building block set into an entertaining narrative for children and adults alike.  i reviewed the grand budapest hotel here on bulc and if you read that you know it was the other of the great movies, leaving the big wedding as the dud.  i will never understand how some movies with so many remarkable actors can be so awful.  i guess there is so much more to making a movie great than the cast.  susan sarandon, diane keaton, robert deniro, and robin williams (rip).  even though it has katherine heigl in it, i thought the rest of them could balance out the bad.  but, no, the whole thing was pretty much a big miss.  the story was not engaging, the writing was sub-par, the cinematography is not even worth mentioning, no great music or score.  what did this movie have to offer besides taking away 2 hours of my life.  so disappointing.  oh well, 3 out of 4 is not bad.  not bad, at all.

finally finished the outsiders.  great book.  likeable, flawed, human characters.  s.e. hinton wrote this novel when she was 16 years old.  that’s incredible on two accounts.  she was so young and she was a she.  she was able to write these complex male characters and so poetically and so beautifully, but so accessible, too.  she is the recipient of the first young adult services author award that recognizes writers “whose books have provided young adults with a window through which they can view their world and which will help them to grow and to understand themselves and their role in society.”  it was a great read for me as an adult and i can imagine that is is a great read for a young adult.  i also started and finished where’d you go, bernadette.  also great.  i have been lucking out on this string of books.  not a bad one in the bunch.  bernadette is bee’s mother and the book chronicles the events and the aftermath that lead to the disappearance of bernadette.  the story is told through email correspondences, school memos, police reports, letters, and bee’s own journal entries.  i kinda kept waiting for that part of the book to be done with and then continue the meat of the story normally, but it never did and i didn’t end up minding anyway.  i got used to it and actually enjoyed it.  it has very interesting characters, it made me laugh out loud at times, there’s an excursion to antarctica.  it was a quick and pleasant read.

yay for a better week!  ryan and i were able to go on our date night.  we went to kauboi (pronounced ‘cowboy,’ not ‘ka-booey’ like i thought).  it’s kind of like a japanese gastropub with an american western theme.  they had so many cocktails that sounded delicious and had clever names.  i had the amen.  it was tequila, thyme simple syrup, lemon juice, lime juice and a sprig of thyme.  it was fresh, crisp, and delectable.  we shared the kauboi tacos appetizer, which is really an open-face, super messy hand roll, and the kauboi fries.  we got some rolls and shared the house ramen which we both oooed and aahhed over.  it was a fabulous night and really renewed us after a weary work-filled two weeks.

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  1. efwcheryl says:

    Sounds fun! Glad you had a better week!

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