my complicated drink preferences

you know when someone goes to get food for you and they ask you what you want to drink and you say, “dr. pepper and if they don’t have that, then a coke” or something to that measure?  well, i have a long complex list with which i would never think to burden even my worst enemy.  i don’t know why, but i have a illogical urge to document the order of my preferences.

dublin dr. pepper > dr. pepper (glass bottle) > dr. pepper (fountain) > coke (glass bottle) aka mexican coke > any house made and fresh squeezed lemonade > house brewed iced tea > arnold palmer (only if the tea is house brewed and the lemonade is house made and fresh sqeezed > house cold-brewed iced coffee > ginger ale (glass bottle) > martinelli’s sparkling apple cider (glass bottle) > house brewed iced coffee >dr. pepper (can) > pepsi throwback (glass bottle) > root beer (glass bottle) any brand > ginger ale (fountain) > root beer (fountain) > ginger ale (can) > root beer (can) > coke (fountain) > any dr./mr. variations (fountain) > any dr./mr. variations (can) > coke (can) > ginger ale (plastic bottle) > dr. pepper (plastic bottle) > root beer (plastic bottle) > coke (plastic bottle) > sprite or 7-up (glass bottle) > sprite or 7-up (fountain) > sprite or 7-up (can) > sprite or 7-up (plastic bottle)*

never, under any circumstance, bring me anything diet or lite, pepsi unless it’s the throwback in a bottle, anything with a berry or cherry flavor, cream soda, anything orange, anything with vanilla flavor, minute maid anything, pink lemonade (unless it’s naturally pink, then it would follow lemonade in the list above), sweetened iced tea, sweetened and flavored iced tea (don’t get me started on that rant)

*note: if a plastic bottle is the container, the soda must be poured into a cup with ice and, in a perfect world, consumed with a straw.

awwww, i feel much better.

do you have any strange drink preferences?  obviously, i’m weird enough to be interested, so let me know!



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2 Responses to my complicated drink preferences

  1. Cheryl says:

    the new ginger ale and spicy rootbeer (rootbeer with ginger) at Starbucks is amazing. Migraine girl here, really likes her ginger ale! My daily beverage at work is brewed pomegranate green tea (I make from tea bags) over ice. Maybe a hibiscus tea bag added for more flavor. Both are from Republic of Tea.

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