summer project weekly update 8.31.14

week 10 stats:

miles: 0 + 48.6 cumulative = 48.6/100

meals: 1 + 47 cumulative = 48/75

movies: 4 + 21 cumulative = 25/50

books: .25 + 6 cumulative = 6.25/25

you know what the 5th challenge in this summer project is?  writing about the same shit every week.  not a great week.  same kind of stuff getting in the way.  normal life, really. and laziness, too.  this week grant started pre-k, so that was exciting.  i definitely could’ve fit some runs in and some healthy meals, but i just wasn’t up to the challenge.  it was thursday already when i started acting like it was the beginning of the week.  i also had my first day off in 30 days yesterday and it was glorious and i didn’t want to do a damn thing. i did end up doing laundry and that was a success in and of itself.  yay me!

zero miles.  crap.

1 lousy meal.  and i was pouting all the way through it because i opted to not have it in a tortilla so it would work for the challenge.  all i could think was how good it would be if it was wrapped in a fluffy flour tortilla.  our first hot thai pepper was ripe and we chopped that up for our burritos, well my burrito bowl.  it was hot.  really hot to me.  to ryan it was a little bit spicy.  that was a nice addition and perked up my boring meal.

got some good movies in.  at middleton, bad words, city of god, and labor day.  i love that i watched labor day on labor day weekend.  it was good.  did you ever think when you watched the goonies that josh brolin would become such a great actor?  all the acting was great.  this was a more serious offering from director jason reitman who has brought us juno, thank you for smoking and up in the air.  at middleton was a sweet little movie about two parents that meet and then play hookie while at a college tour for their kids.  vera farmiga and andy garcia play the parents.  i love almost anything vera farmiga is in.  the actress who played her daughter is her real life little sister.  bad words was really funny.  jason bateman at his sardonic best, as an adult who, through some loophole, competes in children’s spelling bees.  city of god is a foreign film from brazil about two kids in the slums of rio de janeiro who grow up taking different paths.  it was a very good film, but parts are a bit too violent for me.  violence involving kids bothers me.  it was beautifully shot.  it had been nominated for best director, editing, adapted screenplay, and cinematography.  it was an enthralling story based on true events.

i started reading on the road by jack kerouac.  so far i’m liking it.  i love the imagery of the road trip and traveling and his love for it is shown in his wonderful words.  although in the beginning lots of characters names are mentioned and i have to keep flipping back to remember what was said about them.  it’s not a breezy read, by any means.

i really want to run and eat better and ryan does, too.  i think we are going to push each other to succeed in those areas.  here’s to a healthier week!

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