top five memories with my mom

today is my sweet mom’s birthday.  she is unique and funny and caring and supportive. everything a mom should be and much more.  we have had so many good times since i was growing up and now as my son grows up.  here’s some of my top 5 memories (in no particular order) out of about a million.

1) we went to see a double feature of black sheep and periscope down at the theater in scott’s valley.  we made a rule to place a napkin over the popcorn bucket during the previews because we would usually eat half (or more) of the popcorn before the movie even started.  i remember loving how my mom laughed at inappropriate jokes and how i wasn’t embarrassed to laugh at them in front of her, too.

2) on one of our trips to tahoe it was just my mom and my cousin katie and i.  katie and i sat in the back and my mom drove.  we listened to my mom’s cds loud and sang along. crimson and clover, money for nothing, and the devil went down to georgia.  those songs always remind me of that trip.  we had the best time.

3) when grant was just born and mom was staying with me and she would “walk the baby.”  that cracked me up and it quieted a fussy bogie.

4) sometimes my mom wouldn’t have made a lunch for me (she was a busy working mom!) and she would drop off mcdonald’s at school for me.  those were the best days ever! and on fridays during lent she would get me a filet o’ fish.  she was always thinking!

5) didn’t love this one at the time, but looking back i see how much she watched out for me and cared.  i would always be aware of her at my sports events because i knew i would hear about it if she caught me sharing water bottles or didn’t put my sweatshirt on right after the game.  she didn’t want me to catch or spread germs or risk catching a cold being all sweaty and going into the cool air.  she never stops looking out for me.

i love you, mama!  have a great day.  you deserve it!!

love erin t., erin t., erin t. t. t.!

kyerphotography_erin_ryan_004  IMG_0895 IMG_1330


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One Response to top five memories with my mom

  1. dtambo says:

    Very well said, you have a pretty cool and loving mom, that is why I love her so much.
    The 3 pics you chose are 3 of my fav’s.
    The one of mom at Nata’s Pastries shows her style and grace and we are blessed to have her watching over all of us.
    Love you Er Tambo

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