summer project weekly update 9.7.14

week 11 stats:

miles: 3.9 + 48.6 cumulative = 52.5/100

meals: 6 + 48 cumulative = 54/75

movies: 3 + 25 cumulative = 28/50

books: .25 + 8.25 cumulative = 8.5/25

i noticed i made a miscalculation (twice!) on the books in week 5 and week 9.  i hate math. i thought i had done better than that and turns out, i did!  that was a pleasant surprise.  i also convinced myself to go for a run, that was also a surprise.  i’m just happy there are no zeros this week.

one ok run.  i didn’t take it too seriously.  i stopped and took pictures, marveled at the waves, and even perused a garage sale.  what really got my butt out there in the first place was i wanted to wear those ninja socks again and i wanted a reason to use the new fitsnap app that i got.  whatever works.

i worked harder on the meals this week.  i did much better and had some very enjoyable meals.  i made balsamic chicken breasts one night.  they were ok, but kind of dry.  i always overcook chicken because i’m so afraid of undercooking it.  a nice side salad with some heirloom tomatoes.  my post run lunch was the first big tomato from our garden and an avocado.  a whole avocado.  who has the discipline to eat only half, let alone a quarter, which is the suggested serving size of the healthy fat?  with some pink himalayan salt and cracked pepper, i was in heaven!  my mom made a delicious lentil soup with her own vegetable stock.  that made for a perfect late dinner and a leftover lunch.  i had several juices that my mom had pre-made for the week.  one was watermelon and cucumber and another was carroty and another was kind of gingery.  they were all good and convenient. i’m missing out on the staff meals because now i work only sunday and monday.  i get it on sunday, but monday the restaurant is closed, so i don’t eat anything.  so only one staff meal this week.

a kids movie, a new comedy, and a tv movie.  the sandlot, they came together, and the unauthorized saved by the bell story.  the sandlot might be a cheat because i’m pretty sure i’ve seen it before i just don’t remember it too well.  although, i quote it a lot.  “you’re killing me, smalls.”  i thought grant would like it, so i redboxed it.  he did like it, but got a little scared when he thought the dog had eaten a kid or was about to eat a kid (understandably).   we came together is from the funny team of david wain and michael showalter.  they brought us wet hot american summer, the baxter and wanderlust.  this one stars amy poehler and paul rudd.  they take every stereotype of a romantic comedy and spoof it.  they parody jerry maguire, you’ve got mail, and when harry met sally.  wet hot american summer is over the top with that weird humor, the baxter and wanderlust is a bit subdued with it and they came together falls in the middle.  it was enjoyable, but not fantastic.  i wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again, but if it was on tv, i would probably watch it.  the unauthorized saved by the bell story was meh.  the actors were kind of lame and the story wasn’t all that exciting.  it didn’t live up to the hype.

i’m halfway through on the road.  i kind of find it odd that the writing seems so rushed, but then doesn’t really go anywhere and i feel like i’m reading it slow and the story is taking a while to start, but i still feel so rushed.  it’s kind of schizophrenic.  i’m still waiting for the story to start, but maybe that’s it.  maybe that’s why it is supposed to be so revolutionary. because there is no story.  maybe it’s the feeling of traveling and wandering and that time in america where people were thinkers and artists and didn’t tie themselves down to jobs and families and conventional society.  i really like some of kerouac’s prose, though.  he definitely has a way with words.

a week and a half left.  i’m pleased that i got over the halfway point on 3 out of the 4 challenges.  how ridiculous was i thinking this was realistic?  craziness!







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