summer project weekly update 9.14.14

week 12 stats:

miles: 0 + 52.5 cumulative = 52.5/100

meals: 6 + 54 cumulative = 60/75

movies: 1 + 28 cumulative = 29/50

books: 0 + 8.5 cumulative = 8.5/25

2nd to last week.  two big zeros and my first book zero.  i’ve petered out a bit (or a lot).  it might’ve been too long a challenge to sustain my interest.

as grant and his new personal form of sarcasm would say;  “good try….but not.”  good news on the exercise front, though, grant has shown interest in basketball.  i promptly took him to play it again sports and bought him and myself basketballs.  now we just need a hoop…

not bad on the meals, actually.  my mom and i had a juicing party one morning after going to the farmers’ market.  we made 16 servings of 4 different kinds of juices.  it was fun with someone else to help.  we took turns cleaning the juicer.  and we made up cute names for our concoctions, like beauty and the beets.  golden sunrise was my favorite.  it had apple, celery, lemon, golden beets and greens, orange, carrots, and turmeric.  i made an amazing chicken marsala with organic chicken thighs from new leaf.  it was so easy.  i greased a baking dish with coconut oil, salt and peppered the thighs.  sprinkled them with chopped shallot and garlic and then rubbed them with some more coconut oil.  i baked them for 15 minutes and then added 4 tablespoons of marsala wine and baked it for 25 more min.  so easy and really good over brown rice. and topped with bacon, hee hee.

anchorman 2 was my 1 movie.  it was pretty silly, which is how i felt about the first one the first time i saw it.  i did end up loving the first one and i guess time and more viewings will tell if i end up loving the sequel.  that street fight with all the amazing cameos was pretty epic, though.

while liking on the road and kerouac’s writing in general, i am not really itching to read it.  i was fine to just let it sit there.  which kind of bummed me out because i did want to read several times this week.  i read magazines and articles online instead.  there are so many books that i want to get into, so i just have to get through it.  but, it’s a good book, that’s why it is so perplexing.

i’m really glad this challenge is almost over.  but, i’m really glad i did this challenge, too. one more (long) week to go and i’m just in it for fun, so i’m gonna have fun with it.









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