summer project final week update and recap 9.23.14

week 13 stats:

miles: 0 + 52.5 cumulative = 52.5/100

meals: 7 + 60 cumulative = 67/75

movies: 0 + 29 cumulative = 29/50

books: .75 + 8.5 cumulative = 9.25/25

and i walk, no crawl, to the finish line.  two fat zeros.  but, rejoice!  it’s over.  if my goal was to make the summer seem longer then i succeeded.  that was a looooong 13 weeks.  i didn’t meet one goal but i feel the numbers aren’t too bad.  i had several poor weeks and some exceptional weeks.  but, most importantly, i was aware.  i was more thoughtful about my meals and i planned them better.  i looked at labels and ingredients more closely.  i was more conscious of making time for exercise and i tried to go the extra mile on the runs i did do.  i saw a lot of new movies which i may not have when i typically rewatch my favorites, knowing that i’m guaranteed to enjoy it.  i made time for myself to read the books.  carving out moments of me time really helped me to de-stress and would improve my mood.

zero miles, but i thought about a lot….

the meals were definitely the easiest of the whole challenge.  i got pretty close to the ultimate goal.  breakfasts were particular easy to fit into the challenge.

despite what i said above, i went to my comfort zone on the movies in this final week.  i watched divergent and saving mr. banks with ryan.  he hadn’t seen either and i thought he would like them both.  i watched finding neverland which makes me cry every time.  that little freddie highmore and his little british accent get me especially in that final bench scene.  i watched les miserables for the hundreth time.  i never would have thought that les mis would be one of those movies that i will watch every time i see it’s on and no matter what part it is at.  i just love the music and the actors did so well.  although, that eddie redmayne is strange looking and amanda seyfried’s voice is weirdly high.

the 3/4s of the book i read this week was not finishing on the road.  i still am just halfway through.  grant and i have been reading charlie and the chocolate factory together and we are 3/4s of the way through.  we are both enjoying it.  i have never read it.  the description of the oompa loompas is much different than the gene wilder movie version, but much of the book is similar.  and back to on the road: it is banned book week and i am excited that i am reading a banned book.  kerouac’s novel and many other books by beat authors have been banned for glorifying drugs, alcohol use, and mixed race relations.

well, that experiment is in the books.  it was a fun challenge even if i didn’t fulfill the quotas.


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