my uncle glen

let me tell you about my uncle glen.  first of all, he’s a freaking rocket scientist.  that’s not a metaphor for being smart, he actually is a rocket scientist, for his job.  he plays the saxophone and is in a symphonic band.  he turns wood into beautiful bowls and containers.  he is a spectacular photographer and a computer whiz.  he once grew wheat in his backyard, ground and milled it into flour and then baked bread with said flour!  i have a fear of clowns.  when i was a kid and uncle glen was first with my aunt, he gave me a clown figurine holding a saxophone.  you’d think i couldn’t be in the same room as that thing, but i totally dug it.  i mean, my uncle glen gave it to me and he’s the coolest.  i was always excited to see him when i was a kid.  he was funny and he made me laugh and he had all sorts of stories that he would take the time to tell me.  and he has a great texan accent, which makes his stories and jokes even better.  maybe one of the first times i met him, he showed me this trick with his kneecap where he can push it far to each side, looking like it’s not attached to his knee.  this simultaneously grossed me out and fascinated me to no end.

today i got to see him play with the cupertino symphonic band.  a symphonic band is one without string instruments.  he plays the baritone sax.  the music was great.  three of the songs they played had the composers present.  the conductor composed one, the guy on the tenor sax composed another and the third came from southern california to hear them play his piece.  that third piece was my favorite.  it sounded similar to the score of silence of the lambs and i mean that as a high compliment.  grant was digging the patriotic tunes and afterwards he followed uncle glen around.  i could see a younger version of myself following the great uncle glen around.  he was asking where uncle glen was when he wasn’t present and i would do the same as a kid.  uncle glen, capturing the attention of the children in our family for generations!

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2 Responses to my uncle glen

  1. Gigi says:

    Great article and review, Erin!

  2. dtambo says:

    What a wonderful description of a true renaissance man. Rock on Glen.

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