“the martian” by andy weir

5 stars

i picked “the martian” at random for my first book to review for blogging for books. the premise sounded interesting, but i’m not too into sci-fi. it was also one of the few that was available in print and not as an e-book. i still haven’t given in to reading books digitally. also, my quaint little blog has such little traffic that the books available to me are limited. well, you can imagine my surprise when i finally cracked open the book as my first book of 2015 and it was totally awesome.

mark watney is stranded on mars. by himself. he’s only got his own wits and ingenuity for him to figure out how to survive and get off the desolate planet. it’s been described as “cast away” meets “gravity” and that is accurate. although, i hated the movie, “cast away.” “the martian” has none of the elements that made me hate “cast away.” the majority of the book is comprised of watney’s log entries describing his days alone on mars. but, author andy weir created such a funny, entertaining, and real character in mark watney that it doesn’t get boring. the author has a background in science and wanted to keep the science as authentic as possible. i am not scientifically or mathematically minded. in fact, i kind of despise those subjects. the copious amounts of science and math that litter “the martian” didn’t bother me in the least. it didn’t bog the reading down. it’s written in such a way that a lay person can really get wrapped up in the science of it all and enjoy it.

weir succeeded in creating a gripping, nail-biting story with a developed main character, as well as supporting characters. he interwove humor and space travel geekery effortlessly. there wasn’t much beautiful, poetic prose, but that element wasn’t missed much because you become so engrossed in the story. i am very happy that i am starting this year off with a book to which i can easily give a five star rating.

an example of watney’s humor:



i received “the martian” from blogging for books in exchange for this review.


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