“the portlandia cookbook” review


the portlandia cookbook by fred arminsen, carrie brownstein, and jonathan krisel

5 stars

can one fall in love with a cookbook? yes, the answer is yes and i have. this book is comedic and culinary genius! i am a big fan of the show and am a self-proclaimed foodie. this cookbook combines those two passions in a hilarious and gastronomic way. the recipes are contributed by our beloved portlanders. nina and lance, mr. mayor, and our favorite feminist bookstore owners, candace and toni, to name a few. the familiar and oft-quoted jokes are given new life with a palatable slant. the now ubiquitous “put a bird on it” trend becomes “lay an egg on it.” the dishes throughout the book that would go great with an egg on it are given this illustrious seal. the gutterpunks tell us how to eat a meal for only one dollar. communal table etiquette is explained in detail to help us avoid the awkwardness. and nina demonstrates the joys of tapas.

it’s not all a joke, though. these recipes are serious business. i would probably try all of these recipes. none of them are too complicated (except for kath and dave’s authentic mole). have you ever heard of bird in a nest? the toast with the hole in the middle in which you fry an egg? well, they have a recipe in here for grilled cheese bird in a nest! duh! that’s so obvious and delicious, but i never thought of it. the photos of the dishes are mouthwatering and the food styling is on point. i can now rest at ease knowing what a “cup of joe, side of dough” is and i can make it for myself without having to wait in a long brunch line. it includes a variety of eats. from drinks (the burn your face off margarita) to desserts (cacao bark) to vegetarian (the kale and quinoa bowl) there’s something for everyone. i think i’ll first try doug and claire’s nacho cheese popcorn and binge watch some “portlandia.”

i received “the portlandia cookbook” from blogging for books in exchange for this honest review.






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3 Responses to “the portlandia cookbook” review

  1. cheryl says:

    Never seen the show, but the recipes sound delish!

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