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shall we “fika?”

i just finished perusing this charming book and i’d like to book my (perhaps one-way) ticket to sweden, please. i have always admired the spanish siesta and the realxed european approach to life. in “fika” i learned about the swedish … Continue reading

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“bonita avenue” book review

“bonita avenue” by peter buwalda 2.5 stars this is a lengthy tome, made even lengthier by the disorderly¬†time and narrator jumping. the first two-thirds of the book was confusing. it bounced between time, location, and point of view so frequently … Continue reading

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my thoughts on “birdman or (the unexpected virtue of ignorance)”

well first of all the arrogance of the title kinda makes me not want to like this film. it made me go into it with a resistance, with an attitude. then the grittiness, the harsh, “real” lighting started to prove … Continue reading

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the secret film festival

i documented my experience at the secret film festival. read the article at collective lifestyle. do you think you could handle this movie marathon? have you seen any of these movies? what are your thoughts?

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