my thoughts on “birdman or (the unexpected virtue of ignorance)”

well first of all the arrogance of the title kinda makes me not want to like this film. it made me go into it with a resistance, with an attitude. then the grittiness, the harsh, “real” lighting started to prove to me that this film was going to be egotistical, existential bullshit. the gall of the director and the irritating way critics and the film community lapped it up grossed me out. egos stroking egos. people liking it because “liking” it made you look cool, like you “get it,” like you’re in on it. c’mon. the way it cleaned up at the oscars, I really wanted to not like it. all that being said, I actually really like this film. what that says about me, I’m not sure. how’s that for some existentialism?
the great acting is hard to deny. the cinematography was not innovative, but done well. could’ve done without the forced “grittiness” which I find is an annoying characteristic of innaritu’s films. a signature that he could be successful without. he has the talent, he doesn’t need some bullshit trademark. keaton soars (get it?) as washed up actor, riggan thompson. zach galifinakis turns in a good performance of a relatively normal dude, not resorting to the quirky, oddball character we are used to from him. and it works because this role doesn’t call for that. good restraint on his part. emma stone is mostly good with a few errant lines that felt forced and irked me a bit, taking me out of the scene. I feel somewhat the same about naomi watts’ performance, too. I wanted to hate ed norton, much like I wanted to hate the movie, but I couldn’t. he’s so good as this self-centered, pretentious asshole. you love to hate him in this role. I have loathed him in other films. not all his films, mind you, but there’s a fair share. and i usually just plain hate him. not “love to hate” or “hate to hate,” just straight up hate that he’s playing a certain character and botching the whole thing up. not in “birdman,” though, so “bravo” to you, mr. norton.
my hang ups on this film aside, it was very deserving of its praise, accolades, nominations, and awards. such an interesting commentary on the obsession of relevance and the nasty ego.


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