“spinster” book review



“spinster” by kate bolick

4 stars

the feeling i get from reading “spinster” is akin to the feeling of wanderlust. it made me wistful of a path in life not taken. bolick goes down that path and lays it all out there. the good, the bad, and the history. she centers it all around what she calls her “awakeners.” women in history who have written and lived this so called “spinster wish.” interwoven with her own story, it creates a sort of sorority of smart, strong women that surpasses time and space. probably the only sorority i would ever consider joining. one of the wonderful things about reading is learning that you are not alone in thoughts you feel are sadly exclusive to you. “we read to know we are not alone,” c.s. lewis once said. and while reading this book i felt the presence and camaraderie of the author, as well as all the women she was writing about. how cool to find out that someone from another century has felt the same way i have felt! and they have found a way to put it into words (beautiful words) what i have only been able to feel.

most of the book were filled with those epiphanous moments, other times it was a history lesson with bits of girl power peppered throughout. to be honest, not all of the historical elements interested me, but a surprising amount of it did interest me and i am not a history buff, in any sense of the word. my one gripe is the times in which the author would tell stories from her own life and after the story (which was well told), it felt like it didn’t go anywhere. i found myself recalling the story and then saying “what was the point of that?” all in all, i loved it. i love the feminist undertones and the author’s strong point of view, even though we went along on her journey with her and realized she wasn’t always so strong. and neither were the women about which she wrote. it humanized these famous creatures as well as the author, making it easy to relate to all life stories presented.

I received a copy of “spinster” in exchange for an honest review.





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  1. efwcheryl says:

    Sounds good! I will add this to my list of must reads. Thank you. Love the nail polish color too!

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