the x-files revival project begins

i was super excited when fox announced their 201 days of x-files on 7/7/15. it serves as a countdown to the premiere of season 10 on 1/24/16. (note: it does not include the 2 movies.) this also happens to be grant’s birthday, so it makes the anticipation double for me for this monumental day. i love this concept. i started on 7/7/15 along with fans around the world. the x-files facebook page posts fan art posters for each episode everyday and it is cool to read the comments of fans and see what others think of each episode. i followed along for about 2 weeks because i am a type A rule follower. but, then i couldn’t do it. it is near impossible to watch just one. in no time i was 5 episodes ahead. i felt like i was cheating. in an attempt to get back on track i am starting again and will be writing reviews of each episode. this will get me to pace myself and also be a good daily exercise in writing and reviewing.

my reviews will include a rating (1 being “hated it” to 5 being “loved it”), wandering thoughts, notable quotables, did you know? behind the scenes facts, shipper’s corner (i am a shipper through and through and i love me some sculder flirting).

follow along with me if you are also a fan. i LOVE to nerd out about x-files so any and all comments are welcome.

my x-phile history:

i did not start watching until way late. the summer before season 8, if i recall correctly. i remember seeing the movie in 1998, not knowing anything about the show, but really liking it anyways. i’m not even sure why i started watching it when i did, but once i did i was hooked. this was before netflix streaming and tivo and dvrs and full season box sets. i bought vhs packs that had about six notable episodes and i recorded via the vcr any reruns that would play. it took a lot of dedication and planning and making sure the tv was on the right channel, so i didn’t end up taping the news or something. the struggle was real back then. i eventually saw all the episodes from seasons 1-7 in time to start watching season 8 religiously. and much to my chagrin, mulder wasn’t even in that season. i was bummed when the show ended after 9 seasons in 2002. i had even come to like the new agents, doggett and reyes.

i had an “i want to believe” poster up in my dorm room. i once won a dvd set (once those finally started coming out) and a hospital scrub worn by david duchovny in an episode in a radio call-in contest. i still have that, btw. i don’t know what the hell to do with it, haha. i was beyond excited when the 2nd feature film was announced. i counted the days until it was released and went to see it, opening night, i believe. ryan and i went and saw it at one of my favorite theaters, the los feliz 3. it was so amazing to see those characters on screen again. i loved it. the film did not do well and any hopes i had of them continuing an x-files movie franchise started to fade. fast forward 7 years and the hope is back. following on social media (which i also did not have when i first became an x-phile) has been cool. seeing tweets and instagram photos from fox, duchovny, and anderson from the set of season 10 is exciting.

so, my fellow philes, the truth is out there! grab your flashlights and let’s begin!


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this is a random mix of whatever. some book and movie reviews. a lot of fangirling over the x-files. reviewing all episodes, slowly but surely. thanks for visiting!
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4 Responses to the x-files revival project begins

  1. efwcheryl says:

    I still have several X files coffee mugs and some pins from the old days when it was on tv. Loved it, loved it. Have been working too much to view the episodes daily, but will probably start binge watching before it starts up again. Please review away! Squeee!

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