the x-files revival project: season 10 update

here’s what we know about the new x-files season as of today 8.15.15:

the returning cast: david duchovny (fox mulder), gillian anderson (dana scully), mitch pileggi (walter skinner), william b. davis (cgb spender, aka cigarette smoking man, aka cancer man), sheila larken (margaret scully), annabeth gish (monica reyes), dean haglund (richard ‘ringo’ langley), tom braidwood (melvin frohike), and bruce hardwood (john fitzgerald byers). the last three comprising the lone gunmen. writers james wong, glen morgan, and darin morgan will return behind the scenes. 

new cast: joel mchale, lauren ambrose,  robbie amell, rhys darby, annet mahendru, and kumail nanjiani

the first script of the new season made david duchovny cry

they have returned to vancouver for filming. 

the titles to some episodes have been revealed as “my struggle,” “home again,” “mulder and scully meet the were-man,” and “babylon.”

scully has medium length strawberry blond hair and mulder is kinda scruffy. 

the worst news of all: scully and mulder have broken up and we learn that love no longer exists in the world. I am hoping that this is a plan to recreate the sexual tension and that they end up together. hopefully, this stands as likely to happen as any of mulder’s crazy theories. 

oh, and btw, anderson and duchovny are pretty freakin’ adorable on twitter:



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