the x-files project: ep 1:6

the x-files

season 1, episode 6, “shadows”

aired: 10.22.93

when i think of the paranormal, the first thing i think of is ghosts. so, it’s no surprise that the writers broach this subject early on. although i liked the story and the telekinesis bent on it, this episode doesn’t seem up to par as the first five.

some shadowy government agency brings mulder and scully in to consult on the mysterious death of two men. the tight-lipped agents provide them with nothing to go on. mulder, paranoia in full swing, says they’ve never seen anything like this in the x-files and they high tail it out of there. but, mulder has seen this before, so the agents investigate on their own. a secretary whose boss just recently killed himself is at the center of it. her deceased father-figure employer seems to be acting like her guardian angel.

there’s lots of unexplained phenomena and some dull interrogation scenes. then there are two laughable times where scully is inconveniently out of the room during the ghostly events. the first time she seems to have trouble with her seatbelt and mulder is able to witness a man in the air being choked to death by an invisible force for a full 10-15 seconds. gimme a break. that’s so weak. and the second time scully leaves the room just before the ghost attacks his evil partner. the door shuts and locks so only mulder and the secretary can observe the supernatural manifestation. they want scully to be the opposite of mulder, the believer, so badly that they feel they can’t let her see anything out of the ordinary in order to make her disbelief believable. although i think they are underestimating the believability of scully’s faith in science. just because she sees things she can’t explain, doesn’t mean she will throw all science and concrete evidence out the window. this becomes an annoying trend throughout most of the series. it happens so frequently that it kind of becomes an inside joke for the fans.

rating: 2

wandering thoughts:

mulder getting the corpses’ fingerprints on his glasses. what a super sleuth!

first indication of mulder’s obsession with elvis. “do you know how difficult it is to fake your own death? only one man has pulled it off; elvis.”

was her going away party also an ugly sweater vest party?

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

when the reserved parking sign is being changed, the new sign about to go up is for tom braidwood. braidwood was the 1st a.d. for the x-files and later played lone gunman, frohike.

shipper’s corner:

liberty bell date?

notable quotables:

s: “wait, you think i’m right?”

s: “yeah, i’m fine. except, i have a waiting-in-line-at-the-dmv-sized headache.” m: “mine’s more irs sized.”


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