the x-files project: ep 1:10

the x-files

season 1, episode 10, “fallen angel”

aired: 11.19.93

ok, luckily atrocities like “space” are exceptions rather than the rule. “fallen angel” is an essential early episode. it has government cover-ups, alien beings, and abductions. mulder goes off on his own on a tip from deep throat. there he goes infiltrating military bases and getting caught again. in the holding area, he meets max fenig, fellow ufo enthusiast who was also too close to the downed spacecraft wreckage. “the x-files” is really good at introducing these intriguing and entirely plausible human characters to interact with our agents. max ranks up there as one of the best. he’s just a gentle conspiracist after the truth. you immediately like and root for him, even when he’s caught sneaking around mulder’s hotel room. hell, he’s a fan of mulder’s and we are all, too. scully tries to persuade mulder to get back for his hearing, but she can’t help but go along with him when his passions run high and when she sees things that she wants answers for, too.

they find max at an abandoned warehouse just before the military shows up. they hear the helicopters and mulder stays with max and waves scully away to go look at how near they are. but, it’s really more like, “scully, please leave the room because something supernatural is about to happen.” scully leaves. the paranormal thing happens. mulder sees it all. and max is gone. no wonder mulder is a believer. all the things he’s seen? max is taken right before his eyes. it spurs him to make his passionate statement to the FBI committee. which totally gives me goosebumps.

rating: 5

wandering thoughts:

scully’s look to mulder when she finds out mulder published an article under a pseudonym about the gulf breeze sightings.

i’ll take max’s airstream until he gets returned. ok? thanks.

notable quotables:

m: “it’s a highly classified lie.”

max fenig: “so, this must be the enigmatic agent scully.”

s: “good luck.” m: “i’ll break a leg.” as he walks away on crutches. omg. adorable.

m: “how can i disprove lies that are stamped with an official seal?”

m: “you can deny all the things i’ve seen, all the things i’ve discovered, but not for much longer because too many others know what’s happening out there. and no one, no government agency has jurisdiction over the truth.”


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