“armada” book review

“armada” by ernest cline

4 stars

i was really excited to get this book after having read “ready player one,” cline’s debut, earlier this year. RPO was a really fun adventure and “armada” is, too. i was a bit afraid they would be too similar, but they each stand alone on their own merits. i am not a gamer, but i was still able to ‘get’ the story and be entertained by it. it really is a big blockbuster movie playing in your head. i am also not a fan of war genre books or films and sometimes this played like that. battles described in extensive detail, etc. but, for the most part i was on board. and the end combat scenes held great tension.

cline is adept at bringing to life average characters and making them heroic. you root for them and you feel for them when they come across obstacles. both wade in RPO and zack in armada are endearing nerds who rise to the occasion when called upon. their averageness makes them relatable. the love interests play a little like high school romance, but are sweet, nonetheless. the dialogue can be a bit cheesy at times, kind of like the way a film script can read without the actors putting their emotions in it. but, all in all, a fun ride.

blogging for books gave me a copy of “armada” in exchange for this honest review.



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5 Responses to “armada” book review

  1. ryandejonghe says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m giving this book away and will be linking to your review today!

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  3. A blockbuster is right! I can’t wait to see what Spielberg does with the eventual film.

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