the x-files project: ep 1:16

the x-files

season 1, episode 16, “young at heart”

aired: 2.11.94

and the bringing people from our agent’s pasts continues. i guess it’s a device the writers use to introduce some back story. i like the depth that it gives mulder’s character and how scully sees the depth, too, and empathizes with him. i need that after the last episode. mulder carries around a lot of unnecessary excess guilt and not just for his sister. we see this later when he blames himself for scully’s abduction and subsequent cancer.

it’s chilling to learn that the government will bargain with villainous criminals for reasons of greed and “progress.” the man in black the agents see standing over barnett at the end is the cigarette smoking man making his second appearance since the pilot. the agents don’t recognize him and assume he’s CIA. if they only knew. i wonder if audiences at the time made the connection. it had been 5 months since the premiere episode. it’s cool to see him here knowing what a key role he plays in the conspiracy. the ending was a touch heavy handed though (no pun intended). the ominous line about not having heard the last from john barnett and the ticking clock sound effect were a bit much. god, i hope we’ve seen the last of this dick with the salamander hand because this episode  isn’t that great. we got all the sympathetic mulder bits we needed.

rating: 2.5

wandering thoughts:

somebody please fill in scully.

the cloudy eyes are really creepy and the lizard hand is gross.

damn, agent henderson is hard core flirting with mulder.

the actor that played the young john barnett is over the top. “mul-daar.”

of course scully has a friend that plays the cello professionally.

cathy must have been so pissed at scully for ruining her cello recital. no wonder her and mulder don’t have any friends.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

the footage of the young girl with progeria was filmed after the production crew contacted the progeria society and were put in touch with the family of courtney arciaga, who was a young girl with the disease. she and her family were fans of the series, and were flown from their san diego home to vancouver to shoot the scene.

shipper’s corner:

the wink!

notable quotables:

m: “tells you a lot about the book, doesn’t it?”


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