the x-files project: ep 1:19

the x-files

season 1, episode 19, “shapes”

aired: 4.1.94

just as “the jersey devil’s” bigfoot premise sort of worked, this werewolf idea kind of works, too. sometimes the x-files can take corny subjects and make them work. mostly it’s mulder and scully that make the difference. this one is a bit hit and miss, though. mulder and scully find themselves in the middle of a land dispute between a ranch owner and the local indian tribe. mulder’s got a hard on for this case, which is related to the first ever x-file opened by j. edgar hoover himself. when the rancher’s son says the creature had fangs and red eyes, mulder gives scully a look, all, “yay, werewolves.” i love her non-reaction. in typical mulder fashion he has not apprised her of the paranormal aspects of the case and makes her ask before he tells her. “mulder, since we’ve been here you’ve acted as if you’ve expected to find every piece of evidence that we’ve come across. what aren’t you telling me?”

with the help of the reservation’s sheriff, played by the wonderful michael horse, the agents are granted, albeit, restricted access to investigate. they are met with much resistance as outsiders, but then mulder’s open mind becomes clear to them and one of the tribe elders assists him. with his help they break the case, but not in time to prevent scully from getting attacked by the rancher’s son who has “contracted” werewolf-itis. ok, it is dark when scully gets attacked, but she’s still thinking it’s a mountain lion? aaargh. i feel like the episode could’ve done without the transformation scene, but the special effects gags were pretty well done and are kind of paramount to a werewolf story. they learn that the sister of the first victim has left town. “maybe she saw something that she wasn’t ready to understand.” i feel this is somewhat directed at scully and i think she thinks so, too. she even, to some degree, agrees, “maybe.”

rating: 3

wandering thoughts:

the rancher is a sam elliot look alike.

the “creeps” scene slays me.

micahel horse played an officer who works for the sheriff’s department on twin peaks and the sheriff in this x-files episode. david duchovny played an FBI agent on twin peaks and also on the x-files. the fabulous dennis/denise transvestite FBI agent, in fact.

this episode gives good fog.

notable quotables:

m: “well, they told me that even though my deodorant is made for a woman, it’s strong enough for a man.”

ish: “i sense you are different, FBI. you’re more open to native american belief than some native americans. you even have an indian name – fox. you should be running fox, or sneaky fox.” m: “just as long as it’s not spooky fox.”


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