the x-files project: ep 1:20

the x-files

season 1, episode 20, “darkness falls”

aired: 4.15.94

this one often gets compared to “ice,” with good reason. they are both a tale of being stranded with the fear of being killed by an ancient bug. although, “ice” is stellar, “darkness falls” can stand on its own, too. the position they find themselves in is nerve racking and stressful. you’ve got different personalities with different agendas in a confined area. tempers are going to rise and heads are going to butt. the always level headed scully even loses her cool at one point and our partners get into a bit of a tiff. i love how they can bicker and argue, but can let it go the next minute. it’s because of their respect for each other. it’s there even when they flat out disagree. they both know they are after the same thing in the end: solving the case.

the whole “don’t turn the lights off” theme is effective. who doesn’t have a little fear of the dark? it made the dark a character, a villain, in its own right, along with the bugs. their total reliance on a single light bulb and a dwindling supply of fuel for the generator is intensely worrisome. and then when they are finally able to make an escape, the driver is thwarted by one of his own traps (car-ma, perhaps?), leading to the group being swarmed by the bugs and cocooned. luckily they are found in time to be rescued and receive treatment. this was satisfying because too often stories like this have the heroes making unbelievable escapes at the last second. their worst fears actually come true in this one. the writer’s don’t let them get off so easy.

rating: 4

wandering thoughts:

mulder’s baby duck hair makes an appearance.

mulder gets his kicks over things that vanish without a trace.

scully looks about 12 years old in that jacket.

fuck, that guy will not shut up. stoked when he gets swarmed.

shipper’s corner:

deep down mulder just wants to go camping with scully.

let’s sit really close and talk about fireflies. strictly platonic partners totally do that.

notable quotables:

s: “and you suspect what? bigfoot?” m: “that’s a lot of flannel to be choking down, even for bigfoot.”

s: “oh, a brain-sucking amoeba.”



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