the x-files project: ep 1:22

the x-files

season 1, episode 22, “born again”

aired: 4.29.94

we get reincarnation, a creepy kid, bad cops, mutilated dolls, and origami! yeah, this episode is all over the place. the young actress who plays the troubled girl with a slain detective inhabiting her body is very good. but, not enough to save it. it’s similar to “shadows,” where it’s a soul coming back from beyond the grave to right a wrong. it shows that the show can play with similar themes, but tell completely different stories. but, not all of them are going to work. thinking about it now, “shadows” wasn’t all that great either.

rating: 2

wandering thoughts:

oh. my. god. janice.

love that detective lazard heard about mulder and scully from their work on the tooms case.

ah, yes, this is more of the autopsy scene that we come to know and love. none of that stupid “miracle man” version.

nice lighting as they leave fiore’s house and walk down the street. most of it looks like natural, possibly magic hour, lighting.

shipper’s corner:

scully is all “we have an autopsy at 7.” replace ‘autopsy’ with ‘date.’ much better.

notable quotables:

s: “do me a favor, mulder. let me say it. reincarnation.”


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