the x-files project: ep 1:23

the x-files

season 1, episode 23, “roland”

aired: 5.6.94

this episode totally bores me. the actor who plays the mentally challenged title character is pretty good. he’s a very troubled character, but i couldn’t totally get into the story about the long lost twins, and his love interest, and the whole jet propulsion thing with corrupt scientists. i mean, a bodyless head controlling his mentally challenged twin brother to do some math and kill his colleagues? in a wind tunnel? the music is a nice addition, though. i like how mark snow can do a really sweet, moving score against a violent storyline.

rating: 1

wandering thoughts:

two “are you suggesting…” questions from skeptical scully, back to back. *sigh*

kind of a “good will hunting” vibe with the janitor doing the impossible math equations. three years before the movie came out.

death by liquid nitrogen. and the head shattering. cool.

shipper’s corner:

apparently scully went to a wedding. still trying to lead a somewhat normal life? mulder asks if she caught the bouquet. “maaaybe.” wouldn’t he like to know.

notable quotables:

s: “does this pitch somehow end with a way for me to lower my long distance charges?”

s: “let’s go. i have to call my brother.” aw, scully, so quick with the humorous comebacks.

roland: “keep my stars.”


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