the x-files project: ep 2:3

the x-files

season 2, episode 3, “blood”

aired: 9.30.94

the character we follow through this episode is sad sack, edward funsch. it starts off with him getting let go from his job. not because of him, everyone likes him, but he’s the “low man on the pole” and the first to go because of cutbacks. it’s a depressing scene because edward does seem like a decent guy and his reaction to the firing is conceding and pitiful. he doesn’t get mad and he goes back to finish his shift. that’s when the machine starts sending him messages to “kill ’em all.”

mr. funsch is not the only one affected in this town. we see two more instances of this aside from him. a man sees messages in an elevator and kills the whole crowd of people in it with his bare hands. a woman receives a message in a mechanic’s computer and kills the mechanic. we learn from the local police that this town has had a surge of killings. we keep checking in with edward and he continues to see the messages wherever he goes. he sees them in the atm machine and the TVs at the department store. he’s able to resist the words’ power unlike the other two we saw. but not for long. we find him at his home and he has purchased a rifle. let’s hope mulder cracks this before mr. funsch ruins his life and kills others.

mulder is working the case on his own, but he gets a little help from his friends: scully and the lone gunmen. to be honest, mulder really figures this one out on his own, but it’s nice to have back-up. mulder sees a city worker dumping batches of dead insects in the gutters all over town. he learns that the citizens have been exposed to government testing. a spray that is causing these violent urges. mulder finds the connection to the fear of the afflicted person. the town’s official agrees to hold a citywide blood screening to inconspicuously test who has symptoms of exposure. a list of those not tested includes edward funsch. mulder and scully show up at his house and find an empty rifle case and a bunch of smashed electronic readouts. mulder (incredulously) surmises that edward is afraid of blood and they track him to one of the blood drives. mr. funsch is already up in the clock tower firing at the innocent people below. mulder is able to finally get to him and mr. funsch is apprehended.

this episode becomes more sad than scary. the government is testing on innocent and unsuspecting people who turn into murderous monsters killing other innocents. it says a lot that edward was able to resist the impulses for as long as he did. but, in the end it looks like just a tragic story of a man who got fired and went crazy and started shooting people.

rating: 3

wandering thoughts:

more mulder baby duck hair. i think it continues for like half of this season.

don’t send me subliminal messages like that at work. i’m liable to act on them…

did she put a whole bag of english muffins in the microwave??

making fun of mulder’s porn collection: “oh, sorry boys, it arrived the same day as my subscription to celebrity skin.”

they got that blood testing thing together mighty fast. it must be a really, really small town. i’m not buying it.

the whole sniper thing is terrifying. one of my worst fears actually. picking people off indiscriminately. really, really scary.

shipper’s corner:

mulder sends his reports to scully.

she flew 300 miles in the middle of the night to give him a blood test?

notable quotables:

frohike: “she’s tasty.”

m: “he’s probably one of those people that thinks elvis is dead.”


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