the x-files project: ep 2:4

the x-files

season 2, episode 4, “sleepless”

aired: 10.7.94

the case of sleep eradication and fatal dream control is interesting in premise, but this episode seems more of an instrument to further the mythology and to set up a threat to mulder and scully. that threat comes in the form of agent krycek. apparently krycek opened this particular case two hours before mulder requested it from skinner. he didn’t open it himself. he was put there by the shady powers that be. we don’t learn this right away, though. the watchers, including csm, are concerned about mulder and scully continuing to work together and about another source feeding mulder information. they fear reinstatement of the x-files and are taking measures to inhibit mulder’s success in any paranormal cases. krycek comes off as green and ambitious, but not nefarious. he makes several pleas to mulder insisting that he wants to believe. he plays opposite of the skeptic because he’s sent there in the guise of a colleague, but, ultimately, to get enough information to use against him and scully. it doesn’t work. mulder doesn’t see him as a double agent, but he’s paranoid enough to not trust him, to only confide in scully. he accepts partnering up with krycek knowing full well that he intends to ditch him. but keeping krycek at a distance isn’t enough to thwart the evil plan already set in motion, though. krycek finds the documents that mr. x gave mulder and steals the files that scully had. then he reports to the cigarette smoking man saying that splitting mulder and scully up has only “strengthened their determination” and that scully is “a problem.” he adds, “a much larger problem than you described.” csm responds with “every problem has a solution” and stubs out his cigarette. sending the audience a not so vague message that she will be “taken care of.” this is an ominous statement especially with mr. x’s warning still looming: “the truth is still out there, but it’s never been more dangerous.”

rating: 3

wandering thoughts:

see how much the x-file takes a backseat to the mythology? you can talk about the episode without even mentioning the bit about augustus cole and his avenging angel of death mission.

man, if i didn’t have to sleep, just think of how many more x-files i could watch…

krycek and his notepad. nerd.

jon gries has a nice monologue.

i love when scully is thinking about the paranormal evidence and she says, “it’s almost as if…” mulder gets so giddy because he knows it’s going to be something that supports his crazy theory. it looks as though he’s proud of her for going there.

mulder tells scully about meeting mr. x. she asks him if he trusts him and he doesn’t answer.

there’s the opinion out there that the show did itself a disservice by revealing krycek as a double agent in this episode, claiming that waiting to reveal it in “ascension” would have been much more effective. i don’t agree. i like how it plays here. it validates mr. x’s severe heeding and the declaration to eliminate one of the two main characters provides a cliffhanger ending.

shipper’s corner:

mulder tells krycek he works alone and then promptly calls scully.

scully will take a call from george hale anytime. he wants her to join him on this case. and when she can’t he says he’ll have them “wrap the body to go” so she can autopsy it. he CAN’T work without her.

his “can’t get rid of me” shrug and her look when he walks into the autopsy. she’s so happy to see him and then so not happy to see krycek. her brush off at krycek is fantastic. she’s jealous that he gets to partner up with mulder.

they speak with their eyes about krycek. mulder is all, “i know, i know, i wish he wasn’t here, either.” and then they look up at krycek simultaneously when he reacts to the body. these two are so in sync. then they talk really close trying to exclude him.

that phone call! “must be nice not having someone questioning your every move. poking holes in all your theories.” “oh, yeah, it’s great. i’m surprised i put up with you for so long.” it’s just dripping with flirtatious sarcasm. i love it. and then they both look like they do not want to get off the phone with each other. it’s so cute.


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