the x-files project: ep 2:9

the x-files

season 2, episode 9, “firewalker”

aired: 11.18.94


any episode after that three part craziness is going to suffer. despite that, this episode is not bad. it is really similar to “ice,” but definitely not as good. our agents are trying to get back to “normal” after what has happened. there’s no indication of how much time has passed since scully’s been out of the hospital. hey, good news, scully, the x-files have been reopened! she’s back and mulder is concerned and worried. she hates coming off as weak and as much as she appreciates mulder’s concern, she wants to prove that she’s ok. she gets the opportunity in the case of a mysterious volcano creature.

they fall back into their roles as believer and skeptic very easily, although they both seem more self-aware of it. scully reluctantly corroborates mulder’s theory of the discovery of a silicon based life form. she’s not able to deny the evidence, but she won’t outright support it until they can determine a full molecular structure. she’s not ready to go full mulder quite yet. mulder listens to trepkos’ bi-polar rants and can hear himself in it. “if my intense desire to find the truth hasn’t finally eclipsed the truth itself.” yeah, mulder can relate. then when he’s talking to trepkos in the steam cave, trepkos asks, “you still believe you can petition heaven and get some penetrating answer? if you found that answer what you do with it?” and mulder’s all are we still talking about the fungus?

mulder then learns that scully is in danger and he risks getting shot to try to save her. after the abduction it becomes a trend to put scully in danger. the angst played so well in the duane barry trilogy that they continue to bring it back. i’m not opposed to it, but it is a noticeable theme. i love what mulder did to try to save her, but i love it even more that she was able to save herself. i want to see a strong scully with some vulnerability peppered in, not the other way around. in the same vein, i don’t want mulder to ever stop trying to save her and you know that he won’t.

rating: 4

wandering thoughts:

same music as “ice?”

they self-quarantine themselves like “ice,” too.

that’s a lot of denim, mulder.

nice cross fade with the flame.

trepkos says, “everything that science held sacred was turned on its head.” i liked this echo of when scully says, “i’ve always held science as sacred” in “the erlenmeyer flask.”

shipper’s corner:

“i know what you’re thinking and you have to get past that. we both do. i’m back and i’m not going anywhere.” then a meaningful shoulder rub and serious eye contact. “i’m counting on you…”

neck caress!

notable quotables:

s: “i’ve already lost too much time.”



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