the x-files project: ep 2:15

the x-files

season 2, episode 15, “fresh bones”

aired: 2.3.95

the demonstration of the macabre and the horror continue from the previous episode. there are some crazy images in this episode, too. the story falls a little flat as they try to fit too much in: voodoo and zombies and refugee camps. but the bizarre and creepy scenes might just make it interesting enough. the maggots in the cereal bowl, a bleeding ham steak, and the hand coming out of scully’s hand (yeah, that happened). those are all memorable moments. but, it’s only those moments you can recall after watching the episode, not the narrative. it’s something about the colonel practicing voodoo on two soldiers who were about to expose him as mistreating the inhabitants of the refugee camp…or something. there’s a cute kid with a haitian/french accent who eats french fries and is a ghost…i think. scully is being controlled by voodoo forces because we know she would never let mulder go into a possibly dangerous situation without back-up. mr. x shows up and i can’t remember what for. then the colonel is buried alive and the haitian immigrants get to go home…maybe. i’m confused on the details. but the image of scully under the voodoo spell is so freakin’ crazy cool, i’m ok with it…kind of.

rating: 2.5 or 3, i don’t know…

wandering thoughts:

the way that kid cries reacting to his mom crying in the beginning is heartbreaking.

scully looks flawless in this picture. windblown hair never looked better.

shipper’s corner:

mulder kind of shields scully from beauvais when he tries to intimidate her.

notable quotables:

s: “maybe i should kiss a few and find out if one is gutierrez.”


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