the x-files project: ep 2:20

the x-files

season 2, episode 20, “humbug”

aired: 3.31.95

the introduction of the genius that is darin morgan. darin morgan, who played the disgusting fluke worm in “the host,” penned this gem of an episode. it has all the attributes that we have come to know define a darin morgan piece: wit, creepiness, humor, and heart. it brings me much comfort to know that he has signed on for at least one of the season 10 scripts.

he brings our agents to the big top and introduces us to crazy characters. it’s jam-packed from beginning to end with kookiness and some bonafide scariness sprinkled in. the teaser bit is a classic bait and switch, but really creepy, too. scully comes up with the off the wall hypothesis and ends up being right, though they never find out for sure. “now you know how i feel,” mulder mutters to her. mulder, too, is thrown by the outlandish environment and it makes for some hilarious scenes and dialogue. do yourself a favor and watch this episode even if you aren’t a fan. it’s just an enjoyable hour of television, plain and simple.

rating: 5

wandering thoughts:

the day i watched this for the countdown (8.19.15), jim rose started following me on twitter. he played dr. blockhead and is an actual sideshow performer heading the jim rose circus in the 1990s. coincidence? x-file?

how freakin’ awesome is michael j. anderson in everything he does?

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

gillian anderson actually did eat a grasshopper even though the scene called for it to be a slight of hand trick.

notable quotables:

hepcat helm: “it’s not a funhouse. it’s a tabernacle of terror.”

mr. nut: “you thought that because i am a person of short stature, that the only career i could procure for myself would be one confined to the so-called ‘big top.’ you took one quick look at me and decided you could deduce my entire life. never would it have occurred to you that a person of height could have possible obtained a degree in hotel management.”

dr. blockhead: “for instance, did you know that through the protective chinese practice of tieu bhu xian, you can train your testicles to draw up into your abdomen?” m: “oh, i’m doing that as we speak.”

m: “everbody’s uncle is an amateur magician.”


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